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Written by: neoone on 2008-06-29

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neoone's review: Callout Comment Hi everyone, I just joined FG but I have been visiting this site since Jan this year when I started rebuilding my credit and yes what a great site and great people, I've learned a lot and I want to thank all of you but especially Maya and Hjm. Maya you are great and beautiful in your heart and your mind and your family and this site are lucky to have you:). Ok I did apply for hooter card and I got the 7-10 days.

I wanted to see if anyone know what will be my credit limit.

My Fico scores: 784 with no baddies and long established credit history.

Thanks again


Comment 1 by neoone
Meya Not Maya:) User Icon on 2008-06-29

Remarks I meant you Meya Not Maya:) you still the greatest:)
Comment 2 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-06-29

Remarks You are welcome! This is one of the top picks for credit building here at FG! Our fellow members have been sharing satisfied experiences with us and they are the ones that deserve all of the credit. We are just here to help but the power to apply and build your credit report is in your hands.

Also, your credit score of 784, did you pull that score from myFICO.com?
Comment 3 by neoone
Fico Scores User Icon on 2008-06-29

Remarks Yes it's Fico scores from myFICO.com. Transunion 784
Comment 4 by yoyo11
Welcome User Icon on 2008-06-29

Remarks To the Hooter's family... Boy with a score like that I'm sure you won't get an AF. Your CL will be off the hook!!

Congrad and welcome to the FG family also.
Comment 5 by hjm331
Same Here User Icon on 2008-06-29

Remarks With your credit score, you shouldn't be paying an AF for any credit card! I believe that your scores are overqualified for this card. You try applying for cards from Citi and Bank of America, those are the best cards you can get.
Comment 6 by arod
Congrats !! User Icon on 2008-06-29

Remarks And yes as you've herd welcome to The Hooters Family !!

This card is great.

Good Luck to you,

Comment 7 by rockin35
No AF!! User Icon on 2008-06-29

Remarks Hello NeoOne,

Based on your FICO score, I would assume that you would not receive an Annual Fee, nor a high APR. I was approved for the Hooters MC a few months back and my FICO was around 734 give or take. I ended up with 0 Annual Fee, 14.27% APR with $8000 CL, which some may view my APR as a little high, but my balances on some of my cards were sord of high, which is why I'm in the re-building phase as well.

I have been turned down for credit cards regardless of a FICO over 700, because their are so many factors to consider, including income, how many revolving credit card a person has, how much revolving debt they have etc.

But again, my guess is, you'll be glad you got the card. The online service is great, I have transferred balances to my Hooters card because you can set up AutoPay each month. Terrific Card!!! Congratulations.

Comment 8 by leenax
Which Site 2 Get All 3 Scores Cheap User Icon on 2008-06-30

Remarks For my initial Equifax check, I had to register my cc down to their site in order to ck my score under score power. It is gonna charge me $79.95 total if I don't cancel within their 30 day trial period... Anyone recommend a trustworthy, reliable site & can u quote prices or different deals that they would offer in order to check my history at the other 2 left + Equifax-- & get my individual scores?

What do u think will happen if I apply for the Chase Freedom Visa Platinum card? Do u think they'll drop my scores (all 3 or will they just check one??

Someone on here, maybe Tynece or Meya-- said Citibank cks Equifax ONLY??, but Chase maybe cks Transunion? But the ck, ==showed up on her Experian??. I hear all conflicting stories on that... Which bureau cks on Barclays card (interested in Orbitz card or do u recommend otherwise/another card for them?? + Bank of America??

Upon first checking my report= my score was 729 but somehow dropped to 725 *(after 2.5 wks) for something I can't figure out. If anyone can help me to get to the bottom of that & unravel this mystery drop, I'd be happy to write them personally about it.

I did call them up, NOT VERY HELPFUL, THEY HANDED ME OFF TO SOME # AT FICO... Which upon 1st call- handed me off [literally told me to call back again b/c this person was in India!!!] to another dept back in the US, to get some answers--- only to no avail...

The guy rep said, he couldn't look further into the matter or give me specific reasons why this happened or that happened b/c I am not a customer [yet] of theirs... So, they aren't allowed to give any advice or disclose anything or even entertain looking at my report...[] He just gave me some generic general guidelines... So, after discussing it w/ him a bit== he couldn't figure out why my report score dropped anyway... But he said there has to be a valid reason!!!

Any slight small change to a report will ding it down a couple points? Even if it is a good change?

====***Currently all 0 balances reported, no min. Bal, all in good standing.

Help!! I'm not sure if I should be applying to Chase 1st or Citicards-- I need a Citibank card too...

Thinking about the Dividends REWARDS or CitiProfessional or no AF --Premier Pass???

What about the AT&T Plat Savings 10% RebATE CARD?

or Should I even consider Diamond Preferred?

Wanted to weigh in which card would be the most difficult & toughest to get,

So I'd go to that one first... Chase Freedom vs. All the rest? Which one should I try for 1st??

Any wise souls out there w/ help & experience with sequentially applying for the top tier cards?!!??

Already applied for Amex card & approved 3 wks ago & just got the card over the weekend... Like talk about the torture of waiting for a card to arrive!!!& b/c it took that long, my 1st mo. 0% APR is a wash/wasted b/c I'm not gonna make charges to my card if I don't even have enough legroom to pay it off for that billing particular cycle b4 the ***cycle ends by the closing date? ?

When does an Amex card bill end for your first period if my closing stmt is July 1st? The CSR didn't explain it clearly enough... She says my billing period will have ended BEFORE MY CLOSING DATE /WHEN THE STMT ALSO CUTS, BUT WHEN IS THE LAST DAY TO POST CHARGES BEFORE THE FIRST BILL POPS OUT?

& WHEN SHOULD ONE START UP W/ USING THEIR CARD again for the next cycle???

Since I have no bill, I can't break the accuracy of this until someone else who gets their bills can confirm for me how they do their billing, when they actually post charges to your a/c by-- {like 12 midnight is cut off time or 5pm of business day or etc? When do they do their system-wide updating of all records to reflect all transaction posts...?

Anyone care to take a shot at this?
Comment 9 by meya
Re: NeoOne User Icon on 2008-07-01

Remarks Thank you soooo much for you response. It feels so good to get those in here. I am happy for your experience with the site here, and we are glad that you found us.

Ok, I do believe that you got the card. Hooter's is well known for the 7-10 thingy, so do not be alarmed.
Comment 10 by cireone
INterested In Orbitz User Icon on 2008-07-03

Remarks I believe that Orbitz is no longer in a relationship with Barclays and they have switched to Capital One. Its on Cap1's website.
Comment 11 by hjm331
RE: Cireone User Icon on 2008-07-04

Remarks Can you provide us with the link as to where you saw the Orbitz card on Capital One's website please?
Comment 12 by lindalu
Orbitz Capital One Master Card User Icon on 2008-07-06

Remarks Hmj... I saw the card on orbitz website
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