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Written by: mrrob on 2008-06-25

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mrrob's review: After coming across this wonderful board I decided to apply for the Best Buy Rewards card. I received an email requesting that I call HSBC immediately. I did call and after being placed on hold for what appeared to be 3 hours (LOL) I was approved for the Best Buy MC with a limit of $300. I have been reading the reviews and I plan on calling HSBC once I receive the card asking them to raise the credit limit and lower the AF to $39.00. If I had never stumbled on this board I would have never known the cards that are out here to assist with ones credit. I cannot thank you all enough. After I filed BK-13, (d/t circumstances beyond my control) I thought it was the end and would never be able to establish myself again. Since stumbling on this board between my wife and myself, we have obtained 6 cards. Again thank you all for your info Peace and Blessings to you all



Comment 1 by brian23
Re Mrrob on 2008-06-25

Just a little insight, don't ask them to lower your AF and up your CL. Just tell them u want to cancel the card cause of the low CL and high annual fee. For me, they transferred me to like 4 depts b4 getting me to someone who could help. Just remember to tell them you want to cancel, and they should talk you back into it from there.
Comment 2 by kellbell
BK on 2008-06-26

Good luck! IT's a very good card... For me, at least!
Comment 3 by rj2311
Best Buy on 2008-06-26

I agree with what was said above.

I called and said I wanted to cancel. They transferred me to a manager and she offered to drop the AF and double my CL!
Comment 4 by hjm331
RE: RJ on 2008-06-26

That's what I'm talkin' about! Don't let them mess with you like that. This is a great card for rebuilding. However, I will be closing my BB Rewardzone Mastercard account in November because I have better cards.

Just keep making your payments on-time and you will be receiving pre-approvals from the big banks in no time.

Good Luck
Comment 5 by meya
Way To Go on 2008-06-26

I am so happy for you and your spouse mrrob. Congrats on the approval, and whatever you do, get back to the postings again, because we missed you.
Comment 6 by mrrob
It Worked on 2008-07-05

On the advice of the wonderful people on this board. I received my card today and promptly called threatning to cancel. The raised my limit only $150.00 which is better than nothing. I had to pay the annual fee of $59.00 though. But I'm happy. Thanks again for everyones input

Comment 7 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-07-06

Mrrob, hope you make your payments on-time and it will open doors to better cards.

Good Luck
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