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Written by: danny on 2008-06-16

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danny's review: Callout Comment I have this card. I have the Platinum Visa. CL: $1650. They are generous with credit limit increases which can help your FICO but beware of many hidden fees with this card. I've been hit with the following..

1) AF: $72 per yr
2) Monthly fee just for having the card: $10
3) If you make a payment online: $6.95 Other than that online management is excellent.
4) Just read on my statement today if you use the automated system for any inquiry:.50 cents. Can you believe that shiz!
5) APR: 23.99%. If you make one payment past the due date default is 29.99%. It will be brought back down to 23.99% after several months of being on time.
6) Credit Limit increases: $100 per acceptance!!

Good card to start but waiting one day for a card with about $2000 limit to balance transfer this card and cut it up!!!


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Wow User Icon on 2008-06-16

Remarks I got this card about one year ago... Once I got it in the mail, I called to cancel... Toooooo many fees. The lady thought I wasn't smart to read the fine print. She actually said" aren't you trying to improve your credit?"... Yes but not for you to make 100% profit out of me. I'm glad you saw this Danny... Good update.
Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: Yoyo User Icon on 2008-06-16

Remarks Technically, you are supposed to read the the terms and conditions for everything you sign to, not just credit cards. If they had an early termination fee, then you would've had to pay for it because you agreed to the terms and conditions when you applied for the card. It is really important to read the fine print or else you will find yourself in a hole soon or later.
Comment 3 by meya
Wow User Icon on 2008-06-17

Remarks Nice info!
Comment 4 by colonative
So Bad... User Icon on 2008-08-16

Remarks This card is so bad that they changed their name a few years ago. This used to be Cross Country Bank. At one point about 8 years ago, Cross Country offered a Visa with the same terms but there was NO Grace period, none! So the minute you swiped your card for a purchase, they started the 23.99% interest. Awful card and the bank is suspect.
Comment 5 by danny
CLI And No Charge! Change Of Heart? User Icon on 2008-12-06

Remarks Ok. May be I will have a change of heart. I logged into my online account and my credit limit was raised without me asking to $2150. And no charge. Thats a $500 increase. Very surprised they did that and very happy. Got to say with all their fees they certaintly are not stingy with credit limit increases and certaintly will help your credit score recover from bad credit. All my HSBC cards are low limits and they refuse to raise them. Thanks Applied Bank!
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