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Written by: errol on 2007-04-25

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errol's review: Callout Comment A waste of my time And I am very upset. These people make up so many excuses to it's ridiculous. You can go on why this happen and can be right and they will find another way to make you look like you are wrong. I think they need to go into the therapy business for making people think they are wrong all the time!! It's a joke like I said in my first post. I have Rewards 660 card and Total Visa Card. And never not once had any problems. Paying my cards off every month with no interest on the card just the annual fee every month. Plus get to pay free online with my debit are credit card unlike other companies and plus I got a $25 gift card for paying them. Now I don't have to give a bank account are nothing to receive this card but Imagine/Tribute Problems before I even get the card. Then problems after I get the card. And they seem like they are never wrong. I mean it's sad. Really sickening to have this happen. What a waste and people I warn you. Please leave them alone. I have even heard they debit your account and said they didn't but you see it on your bank statement are on your account. I am telling you look at my other post it's that bad. Now this is sad to try I think this is a rip off I would like to see all the complaints from the BBB. I bet they have many. It's not worth it. I get approved wait 3 months to receive the card have to wait 7 days after to use the card and then get debited from my account and they tell me declined. After ask them why and they say they did not get paid. Ok send another payment It's there. Tells me I will be able to use my card 7 more days. Card Canceled!!! What!! We will send you your money back in the mail!!! Whatever!!! It's a hassle and a dang outright rip off and problems and headaches. After this and all this time no card and 3 months of calling on what is going on with your card. What a joke!! JUST A FAIR WARNING RUN!!! FROM THESE PEOPLE FAST AS YOU CAN!!

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