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Written by: hal on 2007-04-24

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hal's review: Callout Comment I applied for the GM card and got it with a into rate of 0%. I paid on time and a little more than the amout due every month. When I applied I had more outstanding debt than I do now. I just gat a letter this week that they are going to raise my apr from 0% to 32%. I was told it went up due to outstanding debt and minimum paid each month. I have less debt than I did when I applied. And I was paying close to minimums taking advantage of the 0%. I called and was told that I could pull a credit report and send it to them and they would review it. I ask them to pull another report and was told the could not. GM card told me basically they would not do anything. That's how the GM card TRAPS it customers. Now I closed the account lost my earnings and have to pay it off by the end of the month. What a typical credit card company!

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Comment 1 by skeet
This Sucks User Icon on 2008-01-28

Remarks This was one of my first credit cards thinking I would take advantage of the earnings once I was able to buy a car. Having wanderlust in my eyes, I thought I was going to buy a GM car and now I have fallen in love with my 2007 Nissan Sentra. So now what happens to those earnings. I can't even convert them into the Flexible Earning program. Jeez! There goes $421 down the drain!
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