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Written by: kadrian on 2007-04-23

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kadrian's review: When calling the customer service number to make a change of address and get the last few transactions, the customer service rep. refused to give me his name or any information that would Identify who he was. "We don't give out our last names." "I'm pretty much the only Lamont here". Anyway, When I told him I had called earlier in the month to change my address and was curious as to why it wasn't done yet, his response was "well it takes ti----ime!" (said with sarcasm) At this point I was getting frustrated and asked well how long does it take? Its already been over a month. He continued to talk over me telling me that I said earlier today. And argued this point. Every time I tried to say something he would keep talking over me as though it was on purpose. Finally I had enough of dealing with him and wanted to speak with someone more on my level of thinking so I requested to be transferred to a supervisor. I was Immediately hung up on. I really felt like I was dealing with some teenage thug. What makes me nervous is the fact that they have all my personal information at their disposal and as a result of this young mans attitude I don't feel safe giving it to them.

They will not transfer you to a supervisor or answer ANY questions. Not even questions about their own policies until they have your SSN, DOB, Name and zip code. When I called back to make a complaint, I had to reluctantly divulge this information before I was able to speak to a supervisor. Again, even the supervisor would not give me a last name or employee id# so as far as I knew, I could have been speaking to one of the other persons friends. There is no way I am doing business with a company who refuses to so much as identify themselves on a phone call.

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