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Written by: danny on 2008-06-11

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danny's review: Callout Comment I applied for this card in July of 2007 and got instantly approved online for only $150. After a few months of on time payments I tried to get an credit limit increase and was declined. I waited a few more months and even sent a letter asking for an increase and nothing. I was on the verge of canceling the card but to my interest I decided to hit the love button just one more time and pop $1500!!! I now love the card and got the gold card to boot since I charged over $500 for the year. This is the only department store that will give you a gold for spending $500 in a year and a platnium card for spending $1000 for the year. Great sales and discount coupons for card holders as well. The CSR's could use a little service training however. I always keep this card at $0 to help my FICO score.


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: Danny User Icon on 2008-06-11

Remarks Congrats! This is indeed a great card. This is the card that GEMB gives you most CLIs. The more increases you receive, the more it will help your score.

Good Luck
Comment 2 by rivasglo
Glad To Hear... User Icon on 2008-06-11

Remarks Your enjoying it!

If you don't mind me asking... How many months did it take u to get u that CLI... I just got this card early last month w/ a CL of $300 and I am just curious to know how long u waited to get ur first CLI...

Thanks in advance!
Comment 3 by hjm331
RE: RivasGlo User Icon on 2008-06-11

Remarks I'm pretty sure it's anywhere between the 6-12 months range to say the least.
Comment 4 by yoyo11
Good Information Danny.. User Icon on 2008-06-11

Remarks Do you remember your score when applying for this card? Is JCPenny BK friendly?
Comment 5 by hjm331
RE: Yoyo User Icon on 2008-06-11

Remarks The JcPenney's card is issued by GEMB and they are a subprime bank. I'm sure that they are BK friendly but they might be looking for a year or two of solid payment history.
Comment 6 by eric
Gold Cards User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks Macy's also has a standard on annual spend as well:

Macy Red star Rewards card 0-$499 annual spend

Macy's Gold star Rewards card $500-$999 ( I am a Gold card holder) annual spend

Macy's Platinum Star Rewards $1000-$2499 annual spend

Macy's Elite Star (Black card) $2500+ in annual spend.

JCP is NOT the only department card that gives you Gold for $500+ in spending.

Comment 7 by meya
Congrats User Icon on 2008-06-12

Remarks This is a good card to have. The only problem for me is that I have to find a way to stay out of their stores... Lol
Comment 8 by danny
Upgrade User Icon on 2008-07-26

Remarks I made it to the platnium level with this card for spending $1000 this year on it. I now have it at $0. Still at $1500 but I'm very happy with that limit anyway.
Comment 9 by danny
CLI User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks Went online today to review my account and noticed a CLI for another $200. I'm now at $1700. Didn't ask for the increase either. Went from $150 to $1700 in a years time and became a platnium card holder. Thank you Penny's!
Comment 10 by colonative
Penney's User Icon on 2008-10-15

Remarks I hear a lot of good things about this card. Like Macy's they send a lot of coupons.

Also, as Eric said, Macy's upgrades at the Gold level for annual spends over $500. The only cavat though is that you have to earn that Gold card every year. I believe Penney's is the same.
Comment 11 by danny
Another CLI User Icon on 2008-12-06

Remarks Went online today and now I'm at $1900. Without asking.
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