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Written by: maribella on 2008-06-06

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maribella's review: Callout Comment I got the Direct Rewards Discover card after being turned down for a Discover card. My card has a very low credit limit $300 dollars, and a very high annual fee $59. I'm thinking about canceling the card very soon. I have been a customer with HSBC for a long time now, and I have always had AFS, but I have never been late with a payment.

Also I have had trouble with the customer service department. I have had my card taken from some young kid from my purse at the swimming pool. They went to Target and spent about $290. I have made so many phone calls to their customer service for about 3 months, and not getting any investigations or credits. Finally they send me a fraud form, and I fill it out and send it back, only then do I get a credit. The only thing about this that I didn't get is that Target did a charge back (? I think that's what its called) meaning that Target gave the bank the money back well before they gave it back to me.

Before I decided to cancel I would like to see if they will increase my credit limit, because it's a good card. I also can't get the 'rewards' section of the webpage to work. I was trying to see how many points I have and it won't let me.


Comment 1 by rivasglo
CLI User Icon on 2008-06-06

Remarks I also got this card after being denied for the Discover More card... I was approved for $900 and no AF.

I have called them for a CLI and they said that they do periodic reviews and not at the customers request... The website also says that when you log in and go to the faq's under my account..."At this time, HSBC is not accepting individual requests for credit line increases. For a specific question about your account, send us a secure message online."

I don't have any problems with viewing how many points I've accrued... Click "View and redeem rewards" right under the yellow pay now... It directs you to a different website which shows how many you have. It also says it on your statement.

Comment 2 by ash
RE User Icon on 2008-06-06

Remarks Question...

What is you Experian Score?

How long have you had this card or shall I say when is the last app you did with discover? If you try again with discover and you still don't get it and they send you back to HSBC if you get a higher line with better terms you can combine the two lines of credit into one. I sucessfully did this a few weeks ago and have a nice credit line now. For more info you should visit our forum and read the post "Whats up with the direct rewards discover..." Good luck!
Comment 3 by hjm331
RE: Maribella User Icon on 2008-06-06

Remarks I would try to get them to waive the $59 AF before the one year mark hits. If they refuse, then just cancel the card.
Comment 4 by maribella
Canceled User Icon on 2008-06-14

Remarks I canceled the card, only because my husband got one with a 700 limit and no annual fee, so I can be on his account. Thats a better deal.
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