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Chase Freedom® Visa - $50 Bonus Cash Back Review
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Written by: tynece on 2008-06-04

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tynece's review: Callout Comment The best way to use this card is on gas groceries drug stores or only 3 things and nothing else. You get the most cash back on your top 3 spending categories. So my trick is to only use this card for 3 things. GAS GROCERIES AND DRUGSTORES. I have consistently been given 50.00 in rewards. If you can be patient and wait to build it to 300.00 you will get back 350.00. I pay this off in full so I do not incur finance charges as well. 05/14/2008 Adjustment Redemption Credit(Other) 74266851353657340006113


Just for using the card I mean what more can you ask for from a card? I simply love getting paid for doing things I do already. It makes sense.


Comment 1 by thomas1
Chase Rewards User Icon on 2008-06-04

Remarks What is the reward percentage for cashback. I have cap one, and HSBC, both at 2%. I like getting the cash back, a statement credit, or a gift card. Cash rewards don't expire, but cap at $400 annually with HSBC, but no cap with capital one. It is really cool to get something back for using your card as you always would. Chase, Citi, and Amex are next on my list to get. Just waiting awhile before applying, so I'm good going into application process.

Have fun with the card!!
Comment 2 by rivasglo
Thomas1 User Icon on 2008-06-05

Remarks -Directly from chase.com-

3% CASH BACK - automatically earn 3% cash back in your top 3 everyday spending categories. There are 15 categories in all!


Plus, we'll give you AN EXTRA $50 each time you save and redeem $200 in rewards.
Comment 3 by thomas1
RIVASGLO/CHASE REWARDS User Icon on 2008-06-06

Remarks Thanks a lot for that info, I find that very interesting. I will wait another 4-6 mos and apply for that card. I want the other 2 inquiries to drop first. Thanks!
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