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Written by: rickella on 2008-06-04

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rickella's review: Callout Comment My fiance applied for the Hooters Mastercard and after a week called the number to check on status. He was told by CS that he would receive a response in about two weeks. A day later, he got the "we need address verification" letter so he faxed a copy of his DL and SS card. We have our fingers crossed that he has been approved. He wants to start rebuilding his credit and after reading all the posts on FG, I recommended Hooters. I will let you know how it goes. The advice I have read on FG has been invaluable. Thanks to all!


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Wonderful User Icon on 2008-06-04

Remarks I'll keep my fingers crossed!
Comment 2 by tynece
Pretty Good Chance User Icon on 2008-06-04

Remarks That he might ger approvded becasue usually if they are going to deny you they do not make you send in a bunch of documents. GOOD LUCK!!!
Comment 3 by arod
Thank You User Icon on 2008-06-04

Remarks Yes spread the word about FG

We like to hear when other help other and if you have good credit that great but if you are trying to repair credit or established credit here is the place to be.

Since we speak from experience and we like to look out for those who need advise.

We thank you also.

Take care,

Comment 4 by meya
They Are Crossed 4 U User Icon on 2008-06-05

Remarks Dont forget to add the status to the Credit card application status upon arrival (or approval). I believe you will get it because that is what they normally do when they approve for this card. Do Panic!
Comment 5 by ferrer1063
Back Door Number User Icon on 2008-06-06

Remarks I need the hooters back door tel number

Thank all
Comment 6 by ash
Re User Icon on 2008-06-06

Remarks There is no back door number to hooters,

the credit department is the so called back door but they try as quickly as possible to connect you the front line CSR's which is the front door. They will have you going around in circles between the two of them.

Comment 7 by rickella
Fiance Approved! User Icon on 2008-06-14

Remarks I wrote earlier regarding the application and verification of my Fiance receiving a Hooters card. He was approved and received an $1100 CL. Now, he can start the credit repair/rebuild process. If it wasn't for Finance Network, I never would have applied and gotten approved for Hooters and it wouldn't have happened for him. Thanks loads for the (always) terrific advice!
Comment 8 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-06-14

Remarks Good luck on your rebuilding your credit.
Comment 9 by yoyo11
Welcome User Icon on 2008-06-14

Remarks To the family... And that's a good CL.
Comment 10 by arod
Good Luck User Icon on 2008-06-14

Remarks Im happy for you and a good decision and in time you will have the good credit to get the big cards,

Good Luck again,

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