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Written by: brian23 on 2008-05-29

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brian23's review: Callout Comment I take it all back... After being a member of FG for 3 weeks now, I have realized that this is the worst card that I could have ever signed up for... I have had it for close to 2 years now and I refuse to pay these people another dime for a such a small credit limit increase. I have applied and was approved for the Hooters MC and Macys Card, so this card will be closed immediately before they try to take another annual fee from me... With all the money I spent so far on this card, I probably could have slipped someone at the credit bureau to increase my FICO score for me... Lol...

On to bigger and better things now... To all out there considering this card... Keep reading on this site, it is full of other valuable information and cards that wont take all your money...


Comment 1 by rockin35
Annual Fee? User Icon on 2008-05-29

Remarks How much are your annual fees? If you've had this card over a year or two and the llimit is fairly minimal, I agree closing it out before you receive another annual fee. Also, Macys will grant you a CLI every 3 months, as long as your payments are on time and the minimum required.

Hooters and Macy's are too very good cards to have.

Comment 2 by eric
I Agree User Icon on 2008-05-29

Remarks I never had this card Brian but Ive heard from the members on this board that it stinks... I have had similar cards to this one (Aspire, 1st Premiere) use and lose them... Those cards company can serve their purpose then you move on to better cards.
Comment 3 by meya
True, Very True. User Icon on 2008-05-31

Remarks They overcharge you like animals. I can't stand the cards that hit a person up with disappointing, annoying fees because they made a slip in thie financial life. Everyone has made a mistake in their lifetims regardless to if it was their fault or not. How else do you think we learn?

Brian, don't let the score drop scare you when you close the card, you will pick it back up very quick as long as you keep focusing on your on-time payments, no over-the-limits, and low utilization on your other cards. You made the best decision!
Comment 4 by brian23
Thanks User Icon on 2008-06-01

Remarks Thanks for the vote of confidence everyone... By this time next year I vow to be in the 700 club... So slowly, but surely I am actively pursueing that...

the annual fee for this card is only 48 dollars. But every credit limit increase (which is only 75 every 6 months) costs you 25 dollars. And who can forget the 12 dollar monthly maintenance fee, and if you make a payment online... Add 4 more dollars and of over the phone 8.95... The more I write all this, the more sure I am that this was the best decision... Score drop or not, its on to bigger things... I am going to all cs on the imagine card and if they don't do something about the annual free (last year I got it lowered from 150 to 100) they are going to be the next off my list...

will keep you all updated...:)
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