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Written by: william on 2007-04-04

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william's review: Callout Comment This is a good rewards card, not top tier but better than a lot. All the benefits are there like top tier cards aside from some of the higher end rewards. Online payment is great, customer service reps are great. The only problem I've ever had but it was of concern at the time is Gas purchases. Using the automated card processors at the pump causes a hold to be put on your available credit as if you've made a purchase. This has happened to me 2 times, 1 hold was 65 dollars and the other was 90 dollars. I was told by DW customer service that Discover has some type of agreement for gas purchases to hold funds for 7 days, then release the funds back into your available credit. As you can imagine if you make several purchases within a couple of days this will also cause you to scramble for receipts if you are not aware of the policy like I did. I have not verified this with discover but supposedly it's with all Discover products not just this card. Other than Gas this card really good.


Comment 1 by brent
Yes NOT For Gas ( Pay At The Pump) User Icon on 2007-10-15

Remarks Don't know why it is the discover network has to put a hold on a card for so long. I had to wait 12 days for the auth to go off and my credit limit to go back under $300. I got this card and used it at a gas station and paid at the pump. Tried to use it later and they said I was over my limit. Come to find out they had pre-auth my card for $100, used it elsewhere also ( it only has a 300 limit). So I called the customer service and asked what was up and he said did you use this at a gas station and pay at the pump? I was like yes and he said I should of paid indside. Lesson learned. Good card otherwise. This is my second discover direct rewards paltimum card. Saw a recommended FICO of over 700 for this card, I'm in the 590's on all three of my reports (in the mid 600's if I look at a different service :P)
Comment 2 by trayce1519
Delivery Time User Icon on 2007-12-18

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