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Written by: brian23 on 2008-05-27

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brian23's review: Callout Comment Well, apparently this company is being environmentally friendly. I received the letter in an email today, telling me the reason for the denial. It mentioned nothing about to many inquiries, it just brought up charge-offs and past due accounts (which on my report would only be from the charge-offs from 5-7 years ago). So, I decided to write them a nice letter providing my own input and requesting that they further validate there decision (I have over 2 years of clean payment history on 4 credit cards, 2 auto loans and 3 student loans).


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: Brian User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks That's a really good idea to send them a letter. If they send you a letter still denying your request for an account with them, write a letter back to them asking them kindly to start you with a low limit and that you will be to establish a good reputation with them. Basically, just ask them for one chance and prove to them that they are not going to regret approving you for their card.

By the way, I hope you're sending all of these letters by Certified Mail so you will have proof that they have received your letter.

Good Luck
Comment 2 by brian23
Re: HJM User Icon on 2008-05-28

Remarks Thanks for the advice! Of course I am sending them certified. I have 5-7 years experience with collection agencies... Everything from me is always certified... Lol
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