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Written by: jessica on 2007-04-03

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jessica's review: This is the worst credit card I have ever had. I started with a $300 limit, and due to their fees for this and that which changed every month caused me to go over my limit. Then came the fees for being over the limit when it was there fault, not for charges I had made. I called and told them I wanted to cancel my card and they said the fees would continue to incur until I paid the balance in full. I didn't have money to just hand away to them. Before it was all said and done, my balance was up to $1300+ and I was getting harassing calls everyday. I ended up changing my phone number, but I still get harassing letters about my account being in collections. And the bad thing about this is, when I applied for the card, my husband applied too, so needless to say he has an over the limit account with them too owing about $1200. Over $2500 for 2 cards that only had a total of a $600 limit. It is completely BS. DO NOT GET THIS CARD!!!

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