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Written by: maabdou on 2008-05-25

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maabdou's review: I just move to the state last year, with this hard economic environment, I could build my credit in one year. It was a wish in my life to have AMEX card. Due their high quality customer service. When I start this card they give me only one thousand limit... Why? While I don't carry any balance in this card and I pay it off monthly. But they still doesn't want to increase my limit on this card.

I don't want to ask them for this, then they will run my credit. Although they r checking my credit everywhile -through soft inquiries-that doesn't hurt my score. All I can say that AMEX in general are famous globally with high quality customer service. I do have boa Visa credit card and other store credit card. But I can tell you that they are very poor in their customer service.

For AMEX life is different, I like to make my most purchasing with them, not because I am confident for purchasing guarantee they give to you when you use the card. But because they r behind u all the time.

When u need some help, you find them support u. In very easy way. Just phone call. I do think seriously to apply for second one with them.

Thanks amex.


Comment 1 by arod
I AGREE ... on 2008-05-25

Amex is one of the best... I have AMEX for a while and I agree when it comes to rewards or anything these cards are the first I use... I love amex... And hag in there they will raise your credit line in time...

I do believe there better than most banks out there no offense to anyone..

Good Luck to you,

Comment 2 by arod
Also on 2008-05-25

I will be apply for the AMEX NY card at the end of this year my FICO should be higher AMEX is all I need for traveling also I might fly free with my rewards

I will tell when it comes to class even the stars will tell Amex is class I will say this to you I wanted to go to see grease the broadway show thanks to my AMEX gold I got front row seats..

Where I live everybody takes AMEX only the 99 cent store doesn't

Any why Great card enjoy.

Comment 3 by hjm331
RE: ARod on 2008-05-25

I agree with you, AMEX is a great card but I'm worried about using mines because I have already been FR'ed once and I'm worried about going through it again. Also, CLD's is never a good thing and it takes AMEX forever to report. Everything else is very good. I guess the solution to those problems up there is to carry a high limit back-up card.
Comment 4 by eric
I Agree on 2008-05-27

Amex is great... I have the JetBlue AMEX... Ive had it for a year and never really had to talk to CS all but when I activated my card... The benefits are great with the Myconcierge services and the car rental insurance.

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