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Written by: brian23 on 2008-05-24

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brian23's review: Callout Comment I called customer service just to inquire about the status and when I did, they informed me I was declined. I guess it was just wishful thinking.


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: Brian User Icon on 2008-05-24

Remarks Did they give you the reason for denial?
Comment 2 by arod
Brian23 User Icon on 2008-05-24

Remarks I notice you have 3 listing in credit card forum my question have you applied for this card after you were approved from Hooters, imagine,Continental finance

I not sure to say this maybe too many inquires in your credit file.

anyway call chevron let us know the reason why declined on this card.

it help others since gas is so high I see a lot people applying for this card.


Good luck,

Comment 3 by brian23
Re User Icon on 2008-05-24

Remarks Well, I have actually had CFC and Imagine for over a year, so its been a while for inquiries. Hooters, I did just apply this week. But that could've been the reason why. I tried to call back, and they wouldnt give me the reason over the phone. CSR said the letter was already mailed out so should receive it soon.
Comment 4 by wildrage2
Chevron User Icon on 2008-05-24

Remarks Chevron no longer is financed by Chevron Credit Bank - I believe it is GEMB. It is no longer an easy card to get.
Comment 5 by lindalu
I Was Denied Too User Icon on 2008-05-24

Remarks They denied me for bankruptcy... But I don't understand why some of these cards that only start you at $200 limit would consider people such a risk? After all they don't have to up your limit until they are ready which some cards I seen make you wait a whole year.
Comment 6 by wildrage2
To Elaborate User Icon on 2008-05-24

Remarks To elaborate on my previous post... This card used to be a great rebuilder. people were reporting approval in the high 400's and low 500's FICOs. This is not the case any more. I applied for it about 6 months ago and was denied, along with a bunch of other people.
Comment 7 by brian23
GEMB User Icon on 2008-05-25

Remarks I believe this is still through GE Bank. Reason being, I subscribe to myFICO credit watch and I just saw the inquiry pop up and it definitely is GEMB.
Comment 8 by hjm331
RE: Brian User Icon on 2008-05-25

Remarks Yeah, you're right man. We were talking about this earlier because GEMB closed all the old accounts that were tied to Chevron and re-opened them with the GEMB name on your credit report. However, some of the account holders discussed that they were still able to keep the same history which is great.
Comment 9 by colonative
GE Money/Risk? User Icon on 2008-08-14

Remarks Chevron was recently like other companies who sold off their credit divisions. GE Money picked up these cards and I believe (not sure) that they are giving them the typical GE Money 16 digit account numbers.

I have a theory about why they aren't so generous with new accounts recently: It is a gas card, and as we all know gas is ridiculously expensive so they figure people will likely default on a gas card.
Comment 10 by lilo
Re: Denied User Icon on 2012-02-26

Remarks Although my credit score for all three agencies is over 770, I was denied. GE Capital Retail Bank stated in a letter: "Regretfully, based on results of these checks, we are unable to confirm your identity with enough confidence to approve your application at this time."
This is very confusing to me. Has anybody every heard of a such type denial?
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