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Written by: juan on 2007-04-01

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juan 's review: Callout Comment On March 12th 2007 I received a pre approval letter from AMEX green card and so I applied and got approved and so the customer service told me to apply for the gold and one and I also got approved but not for the blue or nyc card but I will get them soon and my credit score is only 559 I recommend this card for any one that loves amex. And one more thing I am only 18 and I live in the ghetto.


Comment 1 by bgregs
Re: 559 CREDIT SCORE User Icon on 2010-03-16

Remarks Even though this is an old post I still call BS! Hey, someone's got to do it.
Comment 2 by jaynaz
Re: 235 CREDIT SCORE User Icon on 2011-03-25


i agree juan is a re re 
Comment 3 by bc8787
Re: 559 CREDIT SCORE User Icon on 2011-04-21

Remarks Defenitely a b/s post. AMEX would never approve anyone with that score and AMEX or any other lender could care less where you live.
Comment 4 by finance globe
Re: 559 CREDIT SCORE User Icon on 2011-04-22

Remarks The review was written in 2007 before Finance Globe converted into a member based system. Back then, anyone could write without verifying their identity. But this was before the housing bubble when easy credit was available. Just something to consider...
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