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Written by: clifton on 2008-05-23

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clifton's review: I am sneaking into the majors, guys. I applied online for this card on a lark and I was approved for a 400 dollar limit, with no AF, and 0% interest for a year!!! I was shocked when I got approved. My TU score for May was in the low 600s. I know the limit is low, but I don't care that much about it at this point. I am glad that I got my foot in the door with Chase. After I finish paying off my HSBC cards, they will go on hiatus for at least three months before I use them again. I am going to use the heck out of this card to get the limit up. I am not going to screw around with Chase at all. It is funny that this card's limit is at the same limit of my Premier Bank MC.


Comment 1 by rivasglo
Congrats! on 2008-05-23

When I got approved for my 1st credit card ever... The Flexible Rewards Card in 01/2007 for $500, I used it and I PAID IN FULL EACH MONTH... On my 2nd stmt (02/2007) they bumped me to $800 and on my 5th stmt (05/2007) to $1300. I think they did that because I was paying in full...

Months laters, I made a few big purchases and I couldn't pay in full, but I always paid on time and waaaay more than the min due... But at the same time I was making normal purchases here and there. I just paid it off completely this past March and on my April stmt there was a CLI... They bumped me to $1600. Maybe they like seeing lots of purchases and big payments...

This was my experience w/ my Chase card + my 2 cents...

Comment 2 by meya
Ahhh on 2008-05-23

Get out of here clifton. Rooof, you are in the big dogs house now!
Comment 3 by hjm331
Congrats! on 2008-05-24

Yes, you're right. Creditors love it when you use their card heavily and give them a lot of business. They will notice that and eventually give you some big CLI's along the way!

Good Luck!
Comment 4 by eric
Chase on 2008-05-27

I want the Chase Freedom VISA, seems like a hard card to get with Chase".

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