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Written by: brian23 on 2008-05-21

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brian23's review: Callout Comment After reading all these reviews online, it inspired me to apply for the card. I went online and got the approval message after about a minute. I have 4 other credit cards with not so high limits (highest is 650) and with a couple of charge offs that are like 5-6 years old, but for the last year and a half, I have made on time payments with all my cards. I am hoping for a decent credit limit so I can close the other cards. Any idea where my CL might be? My credit scores are maybe just over 600 all around.


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: Brian User Icon on 2008-05-21

Remarks Try calling customer service and asking if they can provide you the initial credit line for you.
Comment 2 by nikhig
Cl User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks I was just approved the other day and mine is 750cl

and I have and my credit is pretty clean nothing other than one late payment in Dec 06

my score

702 tu this what they pull
Comment 3 by binks
My CLI Was $1,500 After One Year. User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks I originally got the card a year ago with a CL of $1,300. I used it only a few times and PIF each month I did use it. On the 1 year anniversary, I called them and said I wanted to use the card more, but needed more CL to keep my utilization down. They offered to send in a request for a CLI for me -- and a couple seconds later the lady replied that I had been approved for an increase of $1,500 - making my total CL $2,800. So, if they don't grant it automatically, call on your one year anniversary and ask for one -- BUT, it'll cost you a hard pull on your EX CR.
Comment 4 by debtor00
Hey Brian 23 User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks Your credit situation sounds about like mine was back in January when I got my Hooters. I had some old charge offs (i still have 2 left that will be gone by June 2009) and about a year and a half of good pay on some small cards and a credit score around the low 600 mark. They gave me 1250.00 and no annual fee. That was my highest at the time. Hope that helps.
Comment 5 by brian23
Called To Get CL User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks Thanks for advice everyone! I just called to get my credit limit and the girl on the phone said 500. Its not what I was hoping for, but it works for me. I really like this website, its full of great advice. Its nice to get approved every once and while.
Comment 6 by arod
Brian 23 User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks I have this card its great... Plus there magazine is cool but I think in time you will have a great credit line hang in there..

Just for info. My credit line is $1750.00 and no annual fee.

Good Luck,

Comment 7 by ttiger50
Just Got Approved! User Icon on 2008-05-22

Remarks Only a $400.00 CL Credit scores in the mid 600's wonder why I did'nt get a higher CL? No lates in the last three years...
Comment 8 by eric
Hooters Family User Icon on 2008-05-27

Remarks Welcome to our family Brian... I got the card in Aug 2007 and love it... CL $1250 started with $1k...

Comment 9 by brian23
CLI Already??? User Icon on 2008-06-02

Remarks As some of you may have read, I posted up not more than 2 weeks ago that I was approved for this card at a 500 CL. I just received the card this Friday, and yes I went to Hooters to celebrate. And oddly enough, while I am going through the mail tonight I receive a letter from the credit department at hooters that they are looking to offer me a CLI if I just fax in my 2007 W2 or a copy of my most recent check stub. They didn't give me any phone numbers, so I called hooters cs questioning this letter and the Rep on the phone was just as clueless as me. But she said to call back in the morning after 9, and ask to speak to the credit department they will transfer me over. I am just curious, does this mean that I will be getting an increase already? Has this happened to anyone else here on the board?
Comment 10 by yoyo11
Hmm User Icon on 2008-06-02

Remarks I hope this is not idenity theft... Be careful... Pleaseeeee!!

oh... Welcome to the HOOTERS family LOL!!
Comment 11 by brian23
YoYo User Icon on 2008-06-02

Remarks You have brought up a very good point. I am going to call directly back to customer service tomorrow and confirm that there isn't any funny stuff tied to this. Thanks for your help!
Comment 12 by rockin35
Never Heard Of That... User Icon on 2008-06-02

Remarks I've never heard of a CLI that soon, and secondly, most CLI require some form of 3 to 6 months of a demonstrated payment history to make such an offer. I don't think you should read to much into this letter UNTIL you speak directly to Hooters Credit Dept and verify that the letter you received is accurate.

Good luck in the mean time... I hope that you do get a CLI though. Rockin35
Comment 13 by ash
Re: User Icon on 2008-06-03

Remarks I agree as well, be careful brian because your stubs and your w2's contain your social. And I think if they wanted to verify addt'l information regarding your employment or $$$ they would have done so before issuing the card first. Now I just asked for a CLI again and they said no and sent me a letter with their vague information as usual. I'm not going there LOL and that's why they will remain in my sock drawer.

Anyway the Hooters card correspondence should come from PO Box 171379, Salt Lake City, UT and it list Credit department @ (PO Box 5000), 801-545-6705.
Comment 14 by hjm331
Stop Right There! User Icon on 2008-06-03

Remarks If there's no customer service number, then just throw it into the shredder and move on with your life. I'm 99% that it's identity theft. A reputable creditor will always list their customer service number in every letter.
Comment 15 by tamellie
Happened To Me Too User Icon on 2008-06-03

Remarks Hey brian I got the same letter it was sent out to a lot of ppl by mistake when I called in they said my limit will stay the same it was sent out by error. It was meant for ppl that didn't have an income on the application. But try it anyway they might just raise it. BTW I had my card about the same amount of time as u I got the letter last week.
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