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Written by: lulu1980 on 2008-05-20

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lulu1980's review: Callout Comment I applied in the store late Deceber 07 and I KNEW I was going to be denied (and I was).

Then in Feb 08 I got a "pre-qualified" (that's exactly what it said- not pre-approved or what ever).

Well, I have been there before but this looked different b/c it said for the amount of $250, not "up to" or starting from" and it included coupons to use with "my new card".

Soooo, I sent it in "knowing" I would still get the big shut down and 2 weeks later it came!!!

I love this card!!! I myself have never had any problem with it, though I have with the girls at the store sometimes. once she told me "ohhhh... We cant take the coupon cuz you tore it out of the book. there is something we have to scan. Sorry".

Well, that was BS so I told her "oh. ok. ill just put it back and order online then". Well, don't you know "well, wait! Im sure I can do it this one time"

Whatever. But really, its a great card!!


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-05-20

Remarks I know that made you feel god when it came through the mail... Lol. Keep us informed with your overall use of the cad.
Comment 2 by eldarwen
I Have This As Well. User Icon on 2008-05-20

Remarks I have this card as well and I like it a lot. I never really go to the mall, but order online quite often. I have noticed when shopping online, they charge tax whenever you order something.
Comment 3 by ness32
What! User Icon on 2008-05-21

Remarks Congrats on the VS card.!!! They will have their big sale in June just to let u know:)
Comment 4 by kiejon9
I Have This Card Only Cuz My Wife User Icon on 2008-07-24

Remarks Will I am happy with this card cuz its makes my wife happy cuz she loves shoping at v-s and I am happy with this card and the cl 0f 5000 when I open the acc in Dec of 2006. And I called today to make a payment will now my cl is 6500 I didn't even ask for a cli thanks.
Comment 5 by lulu1980
***CLI*** User Icon on 2008-08-04

Remarks Has anyone gotten a CLI on this card?? And if so, how long after you open the account will they give you one? And is it much?

im afraid to ask them but my limit is sooo low ($250) :o(
Comment 6 by kellbell
WFNNB User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks I'm not really sure how WFNNB works. I have an Ann Taylor store card with a $250.00 limit. I can't really buy that much at Ann Taylor, but Ann Taylor LOFT is another story...

I guess I will call for a CLI and you should too. See what happens and then post it.

Anyway, at 22% interest, you don't want to carry a high balance on these WFNNB cards anyway.
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