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Written by: kellbell on 2008-05-19

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kellbell's review: Callout Comment Was I not approved for this and I was approved for the Mastercard. So strange!


Comment 1 by arod
Hey You Might Like M/c User Icon on 2008-05-19

Remarks Well as long as they approve you it's good and you got a MasterCard

You can use it everywhere but wait and see.

Good luck and please keep us informed


Comment 2 by yoyo11
Kellbell User Icon on 2008-05-19

Remarks I thought you were Finished LOL!! Well I guess you better get all of the cards you want now. Soon you're see a drop in your score but in a few months, they will bonce back up. Good luck with your new card.
Comment 3 by kellbell
Gutter User Icon on 2008-05-19

Remarks YUP. My score is in the gutter once again. Gotta wait 1 year. Btw, I applied for this a month ago and this review was actually meant to be a comment on the last review posting.

Even so, why why why!
Comment 4 by brian1
You Got Upgraded! User Icon on 2008-05-20

Remarks You should be happy you got the MC instead, it is an upgrade. You can use the MC anywhere as opposed to the store card. I am not sure what the max credit limit is on the store card, maybe 5k. The MC max limit is closer to 25k.
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