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Written by: nick on 2007-03-17

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nick's review: Callout Comment My experience with this card is somewhat limited because I have only had the account for a month now.

I paid my initial deposit with a money order. A week or so after that I was able to use the account. There are two things that seem odd to me at this point. Early last week, I still had not received my first bill. I called the customer service number and they told me that I would receive it by the 14th of this month (March 07.) It was March the 9th when I called them. I knew my payment due date was March 24, so not having received the bill yet, I purchased a money order, and mailed the payment to the Newark, NJ billing address. As of today's date, March 16th, they still haven't posted the payment (even though it is a money order.) I called customer service tonight, and they said that it would take about another week.

So I received my statement, dated February 27th, and I didn't receive it until two weeks after that. This I find odd. It also baffles me, that I mailed them the money order a week ago (essentially cash) and the payment won't be processed until the end of next week. I mailed them another money order two days ago, because ten days here, and ten days there, soon add up to thirty days. I'm hoping they will post the two payments in time.

Does anyone know why it takes them so long to process a money order payment, mailed via snailmail? Also, why does it take you two weeks after your statement is mailed out to receive it? Once they receive it; why does it take them two weeks to post it.

I'm starting to smell a rat here. Time will tell and I will keep you posted.

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