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Written by: chrissy on 2007-03-06

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chrissy's review: Although this it touted as being a good credit builder card it is NOT!! When searching for a Card to build credit you should look for certain things.

1. Decent Finance charges - The finance charges for this card are extremely high even for those with bad credit.
2. Decent Grace Periods - There is no grace period for this card - and late fees are high 35.00 Over the limit fees are also 35.00
3. Good Customer service - I live in the United States our national language is ENGLISH so when dealing with a company doing business in the U. S. I expect their employees to speak understandable English. Unfortunately that is NOT the case with this card. Although as one poster mentioned the world is becoming smaller and there are many languages out there as I am a US Citizen dealing with a US company I think it is fairly reasonable to expect to be able to understand their customer service representatives clearly and concisely.
Conclusion - AVOID this card - there are many others out there that are far more reputable.

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