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Written by: donneu on 2008-05-08

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donneu's review: Callout Comment I got this card after I called to check the status of my app. The cl is only 500 but back in feb. I alaso had 4 inq. And 2 med collections from 2004 and 2 utilities from 2004 on my trans union report. Barclay's is almost an exclusive tu puller. I also applied for the u. S. Airways and got declined instantly. So in my opinion itunes is fairly easy to get. Hope this helps out someone.


Comment 1 by rockin35
Let Us Know User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks Let us know how this card turns out... I think it's a pretty good card, based on information from other websites I've read. Rockin35
Comment 2 by meya
Correct User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks I applied for the Travelocity card from Barclays and was approved for $500, but was denied for the US Airmiles. The response was "I have the max cards allowed." One, only one, give me a break. I think they only allow us with one card within a certain time frame. Well, they are merging over with Bofa, so there goes one inq I can save... Lol
Comment 3 by arod
I Got This Card User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks I have to juniper cards Black itune rewards $2200 -Mastercard

white Apple card $1500-Mastercard

Juniper Issue by Barclays Bank great cards no annual fee... Now the bad usually there APR is 22% reason why I don't use them that much but over all its a great bank It' a british bank. I have had these card for awhile.

Good Luck,

Comment 4 by arod
MEYA User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks They are merging with Bank of America... WOW..
Comment 5 by ness32
Agree! User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks I got approved for this card around Christmas with a 1k and it was easy to get. Havent had any problems.
Comment 6 by crazy2k5
Re: User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks I have this card as well. I applied around Christmas and they gave me a $800 cl. They are pretty good. The only thing I don't like is when I pay a large sum it takes about a week to reflect on my account. Other than that I have no complaints.
Comment 7 by ash
Juniper Sick User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Junniper has driven me mad this year, I'm still stuck with the on and my Tu is up to 641. To everyone what were your scores on the tunes/apple card? I just have the junny platinum...
Comment 8 by sethatco
BOA ? User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Can anyne confirm that BOA is purchased Juniper or are they just taking over certain cards like US Airways?
Comment 9 by donneu
Juniper Score For I-tune User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks My tu score was 621 when I got the card
Comment 10 by lindalu
Is This Card Bk Friendly? User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks Anyone think this card is bk friendly? I had a bk 1 year ago this month... I applied for travelocity and I was denied last month... I don't want to get an inquiry if I know they are not bk friendly and will just decline me... Any comments?
Comment 11 by yoyo11
Barclays? User Icon on 2008-05-09

Remarks I've applied for one of their cards and was denied due to my BK in 2003.
Comment 12 by lindalu
Me Too Yoyo User Icon on 2008-05-10

Remarks I was denied for the travelocity one but didn't say anything about the bk... It said derrogatory info on credit report but actually now that I think about it the account that zero off due to bk do list as derrogatory... I am thinking from the posts here that maybe this particular card may be more lenient... Any comments?
Comment 13 by ash
Re: Linda User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks Linda,

I have a theory...

The people that got the multiple cards in early 2007 got it on the "junapi". Thats when something happened with their computers and had massive amounts of approvals. The other theory mentioned is that Barclay's who issue for Junny was looking for more customers back then. When it was all over they closed the door Sep-Oct07???, Re-evaluated their new customers and even resorted to a CLD - (credit limit decrease) for some folks on their lines of credit. This is a true story! You've got to Google search that, its really a good read.

Now, I'm thinking you may have a good shot if you get one of their pre-approvals in the mail. Otherwise you probably should be sqeeky clean on your reports the last few years with good scores. Thats how I got my Junny but I'm stuck with the one.

Just a thought...
Comment 14 by lindalu
Thanks Ash!! User Icon on 2008-05-11

Remarks I haven't gotten a lot of preapprovals like everyone said I would after bk... Never got anything from juniper or barclay... This is such a long up hill battle to excellent credit again... Mine was due to my husband being unemployed for 3 years for no unemployment... This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through... I know I am responsible and will pay my payments on time and not a risk to these credit card companies but I guess I have to realize they don't know me from adam...

You learn so much from this experience..
Comment 15 by ness32
Believe They Are BK Friendly.... User Icon on 2008-05-15

Remarks I believed they are BK friendly because my ch7 is about 3yrs old and they gave this card to me around Christmas.
Comment 16 by beckettpg8
Approved Took 4 Ever User Icon on 2008-05-16

Remarks Applied over I-Net, card took forever as well as accessing the I-net to see if I was approved

NICE black card but not the Centurion

Have AE plum card. AE Los Angeles Black card, AE New York Black card & Merrill Lynch black card. The ML is listed by Forbes as in the top five presitious cards to have.
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