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Written by: kellbell on 2008-05-05

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kellbell's review: Callout Comment I just received the CC in the mail. It arrived much faster than I expected being that you subscribers of Finance Globe stated that it would take a month to arrive.

What is even more strange is that I have a $1,750.00 limit, but a 22% APR and a $36.00 annual fee. This is puzzling... Do they expect me to maintain a balance and therefore are charging me such a high APR?

Well, thank you Merrick Bank for the high limit, but I don't plan on carrying a balance...


Comment 1 by yoyo11
Hello User Icon on 2008-05-05

Remarks For some reason oranother "Hooters" were sending card a little late so I guess they picked up. The limits of this card varies more than any card I've ever seen with a card company. One person got a $8000 limit, $14000 limit down to $500 and $750... I would call them to see if they could take off your annual fee. I'm surprised that they gave you one with that CL.
Comment 2 by arod
Hooters Card 1 User Icon on 2008-05-05

Remarks I say call them and see if they lower your Apr. With no annual fee

I got a Credit line just like you $1750.00 with no annual fee and my apr is 0 until 6 month then 14 % APR

But listen it depends on your credit file... I love hooters and they will raise your credit line like in a year..

Enjoy your new card and yes give them a chance you'll see.

Take care,

Comment 3 by eric
I Agree User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks I wouldnt carry a balance on it... I got my Hooters card in Jul-Aug 2007 with a $1500 CL $59 AF and 27% APR... I got a CLI of $250 bring me to $1750 about a month ago... I haven't used the card since Dec and I have no balance on it... I think Im going to use this card strictly for my itunes account and keep my pif status on it.
Comment 4 by hjm331
Toll Free Fax Number? User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks Does anyone know if they have a toll free fax number? I applied for the card and they want me to fax my SS card and Driver's License. I can't send long distance faxes so does anyone know if they have a toll free fax number. I called CS and the lady was so quick to tell me that they don't have one making me feel like I'm not welcome to the Hooter's Family lol
Comment 5 by wildrage2
Fax User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks Not a lot of banks have a toll-free fax number. There may be some online fax options (either for free or for a fee) if you have access to a scanner. If not, a place like Kinkos offers faxing for a small fee.
Comment 6 by wildrage2
Lol User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks Lol... I was trying to find a toll free number through google and came across:


Some people have too much time on their hands...
Comment 7 by hjm331
RE: Wildrage User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks That's nothing, there are websites like amexsux.com and www.Bankofamericasux.com/

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