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Written by: debtor00 on 2008-05-03

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debtor00's review: Callout Comment I got an offer 2day 4 a 3600 cash advance at 5.9 % and no transaction fees. I don't plan 2 use it and I don't trust it! Has anyone else seen it? What's the catch? I still have the mindset from my bad credit days that everything is a scam! I'm not used 2 normal people offers! I'm used to bad credit offers!


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: Debtor User Icon on 2008-05-03

Remarks I use their purchase checks with no transactions fees monthly to pay my car payment since they won't take credit cards a payment. It is true, they don't charge me any transaction fees nor interest rate until 20 days. Good deal.
Comment 2 by kellbell
Word User Icon on 2008-05-03

Remarks Capital One rocks.
Comment 3 by meya
It Is True User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks I receive letters with checks inside for $2500, $2000, and my last one was for $1700 along with trasfer balance checks. I just shred them and keep on going.
Comment 4 by cireone
Convenience Checks User Icon on 2008-08-17

Remarks Ive received two types in one mailing. One offering "No Transaction Fee" the other offering "Low APR." Kinda seems stupid since my limit is only $500. I have them but wouldnt touch it.
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