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Written by: adam on 2008-05-02

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adam's review: I currently have 2 HSBC cards and one from Credit One bank, both with only $49 annual fees, and no monthly mait fees. I received a mail pre-approval for this card so I signed up online only at the end it told me congratulations you are approved for $300 CL and a $150 annual fee, $5.95 monthly fee. NO THANKS! So when the card showed up nearly a month later I called in and told the supervisor that I would keep the card only if they could meet of beat the current cards I have now. He said he could not so I said that's okay, cancel me. He said he did and I would receive a bill in the mail showing that I had a $0 balance with them and the account was canceled. Well, never did see that show up, however I did receive a bill showing a $150 balance and minimum of $20 due on the 12th of this month. Has anyone else had this problem? One more thing. The "Supervisor" was a rude [Edited]!


Comment 1 by wildrage2
Hmm... on 2008-05-02

Well it does list the annual fee in the terms before you apply. Some cards have a $150 'participation fee', but Tribute makes it an annual fee. From what I've heard, they usually hook you up by either reducing or eliminating your fee after the first year.

How long after you contacted them did you receive the bill? If it was within a week, it may have just crossed in the mail. I would send them a certified letter with the card cut in half, telling them to cancel, as well as calling them again.
Comment 2 by yoyo11
Hello Adam on 2008-05-02

Well, I had this card for one year, I also have the salute card. The annual fee is $150 which is lowered after the first year. They do give you increases after 6 months and 3 months there after, automatically, no fees for increases.

My last increase was for $200 and they lowered my annual fee to $100. Some people have mix reviews, but unlike 1st premier, allied bank, go cash, contiential, and other cards... Start you off with $250 and $300 limits and after fees you only have $50 to use!! I like them because they report to CreditBur like clock work...

so it a in- between

I list starter cards as follows:

1st choice... Orchard, Household, CapOne, Hooter,Secured cards from WaMu, BankofAmerica, Citibank.

2nd Tribute, Salute

3rd, 1st premier gold and plat, Continential, Allied Bank, (GO CASH new card for bad credit. Give you credit line of $675 after fees ava/credit is only $370 etc..

Wish you well on your choices!!
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