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Written by: kellbell on 2008-05-01

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kellbell's review: Callout Comment I took the advice of my fellow credit card experts and called the magical number today...$500.00 increase! WOO HOO!!

Not that I will use it, but it's nice to know it's there!


Comment 1 by crazy2k5
Re: User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks I told you. Capital One is the best. Since this site put me on to the backdoor number. I always call them. I just got approved for their Visa with a $500 limit.
Comment 2 by kellbell
Personal Loans User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks What company, besides Capital One, can give out personal loans to people with limited or so-so credit history?
Comment 3 by hjm331
RE: Kellbell User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks That's not the question. The question who will do it at a great rate? I believe capital one offers loans too. Everyone offers loans for people with no/short/bad credit with high interest rates. You have to find the one with the lowest interest rate.
Comment 4 by rivasglo
CL User Icon on 2008-05-01

Remarks Haha. I just commented on the other review! Good to know!!! Glad u got that long waited increase ;)
Comment 5 by yoyo11
Applied By Phone User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks The guy, somewhat unhelpful said I'll get a respond in two weeks... Doe's this mean an out right "NO?" I'm no applying for any other cards until Dec... Wanted to know if I qualify now for Target and CapOne... Have to wait for both to respond.
Comment 6 by hjm331
Wait User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks Just wait for the response. Capital One rarely denies anyone so I wouldn't be so quick to judge them.
Comment 7 by yoyo11
Hjm331 User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks I know I should not give the thumbs down... I just don't want to be denied/or declined... I pull my credit report and the hit all three... Wow
Comment 8 by hjm331
That's Right User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks Capital One pulls from all three bureaus, that's why a lot of people call it Crap One. A lot of people don't like it but they don't realize it's the best card for building credit.
Comment 9 by debtor00
Get Another Rep User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks I went through the same thing when I applied for this card last April. A couple of days later a man called and verified some information from me and then gave me a 300 dollar limit. I was happy about that back then!! 3 months later the credit steps gave me a 500 limit and then one year later I found out about the back door number and I have a 4500 limit on this card!!! So don't give up, and keep watch on your phone for the info verification call!!!
Comment 10 by kellbell
CLI? User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks How long do I wait for another CLI? 3 more months?
Comment 11 by hjm331
How Long User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks How long have you had the card for?
Comment 12 by meya
2 Weeks! User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks You knwo what? I would not loose faith during the 2 week process. I find it so weird how they changed. When I applid for cap one back in 2005 (or 2006), you had to wait 30 days for an approval. I was tortured waiting that long and callling in every-other-day to see if I was approved or not. Around the 28 day or so, I was told that I have been approved for $300. I was happy as a lottery winner.
Comment 13 by lindalu
I Got Mine On My 5th Statement User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks I got a $1000 cl and within a week of receiving my card I got a letter saying if my first 3 payments were on time I would get a $500 increase on my 5th statement and sure enough I did... Now have $1500 limit... Not sure if I just have to wait until my year anniversary or what now..
Comment 14 by kellbell
CLI User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks I have had the card for a year, but I received a CLI just a few days ago for $500.00. I'm assuming they will consider me for another CLI in 3 months?
Comment 15 by lindalu
What Is The Backdoor Number? User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks Debtor00,

what is their back door number if you don't mind? I got this card in sept of 07... In Feb of 08 I got an increase of $500 which brings me to $1500... Should I just wait until sept to let my year anniversary give me another increase or is it ok to call? but do they do a hard pull to the credit bureas to approve this? what determines how much they will increase you to?

I know, I ask a lot of questions??!!! lol
Comment 16 by hjm331
Backdoor Number To Cap1 User Icon on 2008-05-04

Remarks 1-800-889-9939
Comment 17 by debtor00
Go Ahead And Call User Icon on 2008-05-05

Remarks I got s 500 increase on another cap 1 card I had only had 2 weeks by calling that number! Call it anytime.
Comment 18 by ns1987
Credit Score....???? User Icon on 2008-05-08

Remarks I recently opened my account on March 16, 2008. I pulled my credit report and didn't have a score. I was approved for a $300 Credit Line with the Credit Steps program etc. I pulled my credit report today after 2 statements and have not seen anything on my Credit Report as far as an open account or the history of this account so far. Nothing other than the inquery. Any idea when this will show up on my report since this is the first and only thing on my report? Any idea of what my credit score might be after 2 on time payments in full with balances of $120 and $80? I have 4 inqueries on TU, 6 inqueries on Equifax, and 9 inqueries on Experian. Any help will be good. Thanks!
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