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Written by: arod on 2008-04-28

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arod's review: Callout Comment Well I applied for the target Visa... And they approve me for the target card and a very wonderful credit line of just $200. You know this is what I wanted such a useful credit line ummm maybe I will buy gum and water... Wow what a cheesy credit line well I am looking forward to go shopping now... Who in there right minds approve this and with everything so expensive... UMM should I keep this card or should I save it for a Christmas ornament... Ooooo why did I apply... Why... Agony....


Comment 1 by hjm331
RE: ARod User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks Ya, buying water and gum with the target card should do the trick. Lol
Comment 2 by goddess
Yeah... User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks Target's initial credit limits do suck. They started me at $200 and I got bumped to $500 early this year. Right now, it decorates my sock drawer...
Comment 3 by rockin35
Might As Well..... User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks Might as well keep it. You've received the hard inquiry already and got the credit line placed on your report. I say keep it for at least until the end of this year. Nothing is worse than that BestBuy Mastercard I got 2 years ago with a 300 dollar limit and a $60 annual fee/ 14% apr.!! How busted is that!! I bought dasani water and a box of corn flakes with it!! So, go ahead and keep it. I would assume that your limit was assigned at a marginal CL because you have other credit cards with high CLs already. :) Rockin35!
Comment 4 by beekers
Keep The Card User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks I applied for this card 4/07. Got approved for $200.00 store card. Three months later the give me CLI to $500.00. Credit scores were about 590

In Sept of 07 I got a letter from them saying that I was being up graded to the Visa Red card with a CLI of $4,000.

The card came and yes, they did give me a CL of $4,000. High interest rate, but no yearly fee. My credit scores were only about 620 at the time, so it was a big and good surprise.

Hang on to it use it a bit and pay it off each month and you too might get the big surprise.
Comment 5 by arod
Beekers User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks That impressive thanks,

I now I fell a little better.

Thanks to all...

Comment 6 by realtorbel
Wow! User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks Wow Beekers! That's great! I've had my Target card for a year now and they have yet to give me an increase :(! I recentely called to ask for an increase and told them that due to the $200 limit I don't use the card as much as I would like to even tho I'm always in store and CS told me to start using it and pay it off in the store afterwards and that should help me get CLI's more frequently so we'll see.
Comment 7 by meya
$200? Yeah That's Target User Icon on 2008-04-28

Remarks Congrats on your approval but, don't feel bad, this is what they have given a lot of members here. I was in the same boat and I had the card for 5 months with no cli. I just closed it because if you spend over $70, you are over your 35% utilization. Give me a break Target!
Comment 8 by eric
I Like Beeker's Story...lol User Icon on 2008-04-29

Remarks I want what he has got... Lol Ive had my card since 5/07... Got the initial $200 CL then 3 months later I got the $500 CL... No CLI since... Its now sitting in my sock drawer with no balance... Wifey has been restricted from using it as well lol... Until I see a CLI or something I wont use it.
Comment 9 by arod
Rockin35 User Icon on 2008-04-29

Remarks Yes that correct I do have a lot of cards in fact the highest card I Have is the Citibank AA Card with a $5500 credit line... Since it old I have never posted it here and My other credit line reason why I applied I wanted to get rid of Orchard bank that card only has $500 Credit line and I don't like anything below $800 but This card I will stay with it I wil do what Eric does don't use it until a credit line increase. Again the response here is great thanks to All..
Comment 10 by rivasglo
Same Here User Icon on 2008-04-29

Remarks I got the approved for the $200 in 4/2007 and 3 months later I got increased to $500 but my story didn't go like BEEKERS!!! LOL. Im still stuck at the $500!!!

Getting approved for the Walmart card at $125 then getting an increase of $75 is WORSE!
Comment 11 by arod
RivasGlo User Icon on 2008-04-29

Remarks Well you know I think it could be worse but this is the reason why people

in general are not shopping if I want to buy what ever how can a Credit line of $200 make any body shop... Well maybe in the 1960 and if it lower like walmart as you say In probably close it..

if stores are willing to give this kind of credit line then they should not expect for some one to shop... Well not for me I have much better cards than this..

Take care,

Comment 12 by beekers
Walmart Credit User Icon on 2008-04-29

Remarks I got the Walmart credit card with only a 125.00 credit limit, so hear you on that one.

I must have gotten lucky with Target for an unknow reason.

Just a side note on the Beekers name, it is the name of my Cockatoo. I am a girl not a boy.

Keep up the good work FG
Comment 13 by pamela2
Hi User Icon on 2008-04-30

Remarks That's me I got the card and cl was 200.00 used for Christmas and in 3 months they raised it to 500.00 and that's where I'm now and I have had the card 8 months now.
Comment 14 by arod
Update CLI User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks I have had this card since may and my credit line was $200

I check my account to pay and walla My new credit line is $500

So for those who have this card don't worry it will happen by surprise.

Good Luck,

Comment 15 by sethatco
Congrats User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks Alex

Congrats on the CLI, how long did it take you. I to started out with 200 and went to 500 in 3 months and have been there ever since. I was told by CS that if you carry a balance that is a good way to get a CLI as well as upgrade to the VISA
Comment 16 by rob72830
Congratulations User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks On your cli. I would apply for this card if there was a target near by.
Comment 17 by arod
Sethatco User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks I got this card in the end of may so it took about two months and a week or two.

I keep a balance of $75 or less.

And yes I cant wait for a upgrade.

Take care,

Comment 18 by arod
Question If You Have This Card User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks If you had this card how long did it take target to upgrade to Visa card ?

Thank you all for the Info.

Take care,

Comment 19 by sethatco
Still Waiting User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks I have had my card a year and 2 months, no CLI since going to 500 but I've PIF and always before the bill comes out, so now I am on month 2 of leaving a balance so I told target I will give them 3 or 4 months to either give a CLI or upgrade to the VISA or I will mail it back to them cut into a lot of little pieces
Comment 20 by rivasglo
Congrats On The CLI! User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks Ive had mine since 04/2007 @ $200, got the CLI to $500 07/2007 and been there ever since.

Ive had it 1 year 3-4 months!

Sethatco: 50% of the time I've carried a balance and still nothing! Good luck to you!

I read on some other websites that if you don't use it for 4-6 months and have it at zero bal they will upgrade you because they want your business... But who knows... Only Target does!
Comment 21 by cfmdev49
My Experience... User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks I had the target red card with the low $200 limit for about a year. Then I was upgraded to the target Visa card with a $5,000 cl. Don't know why or how as I hadn't used the card much and I didn't ask for the upgrade... Go figure... But am glad to have the Visa card as I don't shop much at target...
Comment 22 by arod
Thank You To All User Icon on 2008-08-05

Remarks Thank you to all and Sethatco,Rob72830,RivasGlo,Cfmdev49, for your comments,

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