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Written by: kellbell on 2008-04-27

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kellbell's review: Callout Comment CL...$600.00! Want the Amex, so I will use this one the most. LOVE YOU PEOPLE!


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks Congrats on your approvals, how many are you out there applying for? Don't burn out your report with inquiries, you are going to start getting denials soon.
Comment 2 by hjm331
Meya Is Right User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks Good things don't last forever. I see you've gone on an application spree but you might want to slow down sooner or later. Anyone who knows about credit will tell you that and you will be hearing that a lot over here.

Also, income isn't factored into your FICO score don't expect your income to keep your score up when you have too many new accounts and inquiries.
Comment 3 by rockin35
Keep Up The Good Work User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks Congratulations on the card, keep up the good work. Now you can retire your efforts to apply for new cards, since you have all the really good ones. Dillards is backed by GEMoney Bank, so this is good card, I used to have a Dillards card about 5 years ago and I got rid of it. Anyways, have a good day. Rockin35!
Comment 4 by kellbell
CLI User Icon on 2008-08-11

Remarks I hit the love button and got a $100.00 CLI. It's better than nothing.
Comment 5 by beanciapoo
Congratulations User Icon on 2008-08-11

Remarks I am happy for you. Have a great time with your increase. I received a $100.00 increase also about 3 months ago.
Comment 6 by mrrob
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-08-13

Remarks The $100 CL is a start, hang in there.
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