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Written by: kellbell on 2008-04-27

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kellbell's review: Callout Comment LOVE Nordstrom and Dillards, but I always have to shop online because where I live only has Lord And Taylor. What do you folks think of this bad boy? KEEP IN MIND THAT I PAY EVERYTHING I'VE CHARGED OFF AT THE END OF THE MONTH, SO PLEASE, NO ONE TELL ME I'M IN OVER MY HEAD... HAHA! But really, I don't even need credit cards. I make plenty of money. So does my husband (who is going to kill me for having so many credit cards). I just need my credit lines to add up to over $5,000.00 and Lending Tree advises that although inquiries hurt, it is only 5% of your score, and if you are trying to build your credit, you must apply for credit and enhance your existing lines. Only use 30% of what you need.

I have 6 Inquiries at the moment and I hear Nordstrom is inquiry-sensitive.

And if, oh if, I apply for this thing and do not get approved, will they consider me for the store card?

Lemme know, peeps. Don't want to waste a precious inquiry.


Comment 1 by meya
Its Up To You User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks If you feel that it will only hurt 5% of your cr, then go ahead with what you feel is right. You don't have many so far, but you will get halted in your tracks when you start to apply for too many anyway. So I just say, have fun! Another thing, if you shop at the stores, I don't see any harm with applying for the card.
Comment 2 by hjm331
I Don't Know User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks I don't think that inquiries count as 5% of your FICO score. I believe it's 15%. If it counted as 5%, then I don't think people wouldn' be worrying about inquiries hurting their score.
Comment 3 by rockin35
Inquiries Are 15% Of FICO User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks I too was told about 6 years ago that inquiries really wouldnt hurt my score because it was less than 10 percent of my score anyway and most creditors don't look past 12 months. Your FICO can be damaged by to many inquiries, but you only have 6 so that's almost next to none considering how many I have. But since you are in a very good income level & have the ability to pay it off each month, your FICO, I'm guessing is relatively high anyway. So go for the card!!! Have Fun!! Your beacon score shouldnt be affected with 1 more inquiry. I have to wait until June 2009 to allow many of my inquiries from 2006 and 2007 to drop off. I like Nordstom's to, they have good merchandise.... Go for it!! Rockin35!
Comment 4 by beckettpg8
DENIED User Icon on 2008-05-16

Comment 5 by colonative
Nordy User Icon on 2008-09-04

Remarks Yes, Nordstrom is very credit inquiry sensative because too many inquiries looks like fraud.

If you do not qualify for the Visa they do consider you for the retail account.
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