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Written by: rockin35 on 2008-04-26

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rockin35's review: Callout Comment Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all in on my credit card agreement with Blue from American Express, I already had the Blue for Students since about 8 years ago. The online section, had offers that were available to me based on my account type status etc. They sent me the Blue From Am. Exp and I read over the card agreement and there is a section labeled "What We Do Not Practice" which outlines a statement from AM. Ex that they do NOT practice Universal Default and goes on to say, if consumers are late on payments with other creditor card banks outside of American express does not penalize them on am. Exp accounts. I thought this was an awesome thing to read. I think it’s great that am. Ex made it so "seamless" for consumers to read. Rockin35!


Comment 1 by arod
This Is My Dream Card User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks I cant wait till My FICO is high to apply for this card. But I'm patient for now...

I know in time I will get it...
Comment 2 by arod
My Dream Card 2 User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks Congrats, Great Card

Good luck to you...

Comment 3 by rockin35
Blue Is The Best User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks Well, hang in there!! This card is a very good card, I have a low limit becasue I already have so many old cards with high CL's on them, so I only got 1000K with 0apr for 6 months. So far the customer service is good and I actually spoke to someone in the US without and accent that I couldn't understand. I was pleased, keep getting that Beacon/Fico score up and you'll get this card to. Rockin35!
Comment 4 by arod
Thank You User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks Thank You,

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