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Written by: arod on 2008-04-24

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arod's review: Callout Comment Hi guys because I have three cards from HSBC I would like people to post There credit limit.

Its just my way of knowing what to do since I'm planning to consolidate.

I just would like to Know your credit limit on : HSBC, Orchardbank, Houshold Bank
I have these credit limit

HSBC $800
Household Bank $1000
Orchardbank $500

Thank You for your Info.


Comment 1 by mcnally
3 Cards In 6 Years User Icon on 2008-04-24

Remarks Been with HSBC for 6 years now :

never had any problem with them,

HSBC Platinum Mastercard 13,000

Bestbuy Store Card 15,000
Comment 2 by rivasglo
I Only Have The... User Icon on 2008-04-24

Remarks HSBC Direct Rewards Platinum Discover Card w/ CL of

Comment 3 by yoyo11
Hey!! User Icon on 2008-04-24

Remarks How were you able to get three cards!!!

Mine are

Orchard Bank Gold opened 5/07 $300/$400 1 CLI

Orchard Bank PayPass opened 1/08 $500

Got preappoved with other Househouse Bank cards, but they said no, because I already have 1 accounts..

please advise
Comment 4 by yoyo11
Sorry User Icon on 2008-04-24

Remarks (2) cards... Not 1
Comment 5 by arod
I Don't Know User Icon on 2008-04-24

Remarks I really don't know But I do have the three cards I didn't apply at the same time.

household Bank $1000

Orchardbank $500

Hsbc $800

I wish I knew the answer...
Comment 6 by eric
HSBC User Icon on 2008-04-25

Remarks Householdbank since 8/2002 $500 CL

Orchard Bank since 5/2005 $500 CL

HSBC Direct Rewards Discover since 8/2007 $1000 CL

Called Household for a CLI- DECLINED I only keep it open because it is my oldest tradeline... Once I get the 2 of the 3 cards I want (Chase Freedom Visa, AMEX Clear & Citibank Mastercard) they are going to be put down like old yellr' lol
Comment 7 by ash
Re: User Icon on 2008-04-25

Remarks HSBC

Orchard Classic/Obtained in 2004 - approved @ 300.00 Current limit is $1300.00

2nd Orchard Platinum 2% cash back - Opened 11/07 approved @ $500 "waiting for CLI bump"

3rd HSBC Direct Rewards Discover Opened 2/08 approved @ $750.00

4th HSBC Best Buy Rewards MC/Opened 3 days ago @300.00
Comment 8 by arod
Thank You To All User Icon on 2008-04-26

Remarks Thank You to :Mcnally,RivasGlo,Yoyo11,Eric,Ash, this will help me and others to a Idea to What credit lines they give mainly it depends on your credit file and payment history, and years with the account,

Thanks to all for there input on this,

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