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Written by: meya on 2008-04-23

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meya's review: Callout Comment Ohhh Lord, I never thought it would be me who had to confess about applying for credit. I could not take it, it was my first visit and the store was new. Home Depot can burn down for all I care. Well Eric, Pamela2, Hjm331, Rockin35, and all my fellow credit addicts members. I failed the test,... See... Forget that... Let me tell you what really happened... My husband was suppose to take me to Lowe's for a new garage door opener right? Well we did go, and he was trying to make me purchase the cheap chain drive opener, I wanted a belt drive opener because it is quiet and the garage is located under my bedroom... So we argued in the store... I got mad... I pushed the help button for more knowledge about the product and for comparison... OH loooooooooord, my husband had to use the bathroom, thank you Jesus... I grabbed the garage opener I wanted and you should have seen me pushing that buggy, wobbling my big behind down that isle to get to the cashier.

Then it happened, I seen the card application, I saw the 12 months no interest nor payment for purchases of $299 or more. I tired to call out Pamela2 name, but she would not answer, I tired to log into Fg through my blackberry phone, but I realized that I have cheap Katina Sanyo. I sent Hjm331 a text message to help stop me, but he did not reply. There was no one there to help me, Eric started it all, so I knew he was going to be no help,... So, so, so, I thought about the Target story, but I already told that lie here before. You know what is left to say? YES I DID DO IT, I HIT THE LOVE BUTTON! I am not going down by myself, yeah that's right, Nwalker30 was out sneaking and applying for a cards, hjm331 did the American Express and he was the first in line at the credit addict club. Oh yeees, and don't forget pamela2, she applied for the cap1 card too. Eric slipped three times and begged me not to tell it so he could graduate. Dee, you might as well come out the closet, she applied for so many cards until skeleton bones started poping out of her mouth. Forget this, if I have to go down, I am taking the whole club with me. I'm snitching!

That is the story of my Lowes $725 approval limit, with a 21% apr. Gone back to the credit club, does anybody have my back? I know I am about to get beat down.


Comment 1 by defserv
:) User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks LMFAO!! Congrats Meya :)
Comment 2 by davis06
Congrat's!!!! User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks I love Lowes! That card is on hubby's hit list for the summer. I don't think I can keep a man away from his tools.
Comment 3 by realtorbel
Tisk Tisk Tisk Meya! User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks Tisk! Tisk! Tisk Meya! (I'm shaking my finger) SIKE!!! Just jokin :)!! Lord knows we kno how hard it is not to hit Luv Button! BTW, thanks 4 the laugh that's a great story! Too Too FUNNY and Congrats and enjoy ur Lowes card!
Comment 4 by meya
Hehehehe! User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks Thanks everybody. You are so true Davis, I am about to fix my garden back up. I tried to grow one last year and everything died even the natural green grass. What did I do wrong. Oh, I can ask a sales associate at LOWES'S! Hehehehehe!
Comment 5 by pamela2
Hey Sis User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks I heard the cry for help but my internet was out and you told on everyone shame shame on you even me! Jk I have your back so you go with your bad self you deserve it!
Comment 6 by ness32
Congrats!! User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks Congrats on the Lowes Card and I see you still applying!!!
Comment 7 by eric
LMAO Meya User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks Wow... I got a new card in the mail yesterday from cap 1... They couldn't give me a CLI but approved me for a Cap 1 Visa No hassle points card with a $500 CL! Go Figure... How about you break me off some of that lowes card Meya lol
Comment 8 by meya
Lol Eric User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks Cap 1 for lowes... Hummmm. I got to think about that one. Whew, I am so glad that I am not the only one here... A cap 1 Visa, get out of here Eric, I just thought about what you said. So you did apply for the cap1 Visa. Now I am jealous, when I called the back door #, the rep was trying to encourage me to apply for the cap1 Visa rewards card, but I said heeeck-no- thank-you! Lol! And Pamela2, thanks for picking me back up again. See how eric starts stuff.
Comment 9 by debtor00
Congrats!!! User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks Congratulations on the lowes!!! What did DH say when he saw how much money you saved on the good garage door opener by buying it interest free?!
Comment 10 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks Congrats on your new card.

its great to have because you never know what needs repair in the house.

Good Luck,

Comment 11 by rockin35
You Deserve It!!! User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks After reading your story, too funny Meya... You deserve it. We all fall short of glory and from temptation, but you've done very well so far. I have declined the "luv button" 11 times since joining this network and it's from gaining will-power from most of the comments in the reviews I have read.!!

Your gonna love that Lowe's Card. They sent me a pre-approval 2 years ago, but I was still in this dumpy old apartment and didn't need it. I wish I had taken it now. Congratulations!!! Rockin35!!
Comment 12 by meya
Re:Debtor00 User Icon on 2008-04-24

Remarks Started fussing on the way home! "Why did you get the card when we had money in the bank to buy it, you are going back down the road you was on before, you just don't know the meaning of sales. They don't exist when you were not buying it in the first place."

I kissed him on the check while he was driving and said, "You are right" So do not let me catch you at Safeway buying beers when you see they are on sale" We just came back from getting our installation contract and he sure was beaming at the carpenter tools. I did not stop, just kept walking to the dept I am suppose to be in. Lowes didn't pay for the contract, THE OVETIME EXTRA MONEY DID! Especially since he stated we already have money in the bank. Did you really think I was going to let him slide on that one? Pssssss whatever!... Lol
Comment 13 by hjm331
It's Alright User Icon on 2008-04-24

Remarks You're the last person that should be blamed for applying! We all sneak an application here and there but you're the one that deserves it because you've helped us learn so much about credit that none of this would be possible!

I don't think that your husband has anything to whine about since you got a interest free promo and saved some money. Shoot, I'd be happy for my DW that doesn't exist as of right now lol
Comment 14 by kasglan
CONGRATS!! User Icon on 2008-04-25

Remarks Lmfao!!! Meya trust me you have been nothing but an great informational source and I love the fact that you keep it real and choose not to lie about applying for credit... It is all a step by step process... And I got your back!!!
Comment 15 by meya
Thanks Again! User Icon on 2008-04-26

Remarks I feel so good knowing that I got congrats and enough backup to walk back in the club. Kasglan, right on for the posting. And Hjm331, you are a straight up copycat... Lol.

To bad I can't follow in behind you, its not fair that I have to wait another year and some to apply for the cards you have. I might have been bold doing this one but I am not stupid enough to apply for any major tier 1 credit cards because I know the magic word "DENIED"...:p
Comment 16 by ash
Re User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks Congrats Meya!

How long has it been since you last app and what are you scores looking like right now...
Comment 17 by meya
Re: Ash User Icon on 2008-04-27

Remarks Thanks ash, I did apply for Select Comfort in December 2007 for a new mattress, but my scoes are pretty good so far and they did not drop for the pull from lowes. As of today, my fakos from Truecredit are:

1. TU 635

2. Exp 629

3. EQ 627

Mycreditkeeper scores are:

1. EXP 640

2. EQ 662

3. TU 667

I will probably take a look at myFICO in a month or so when I can get a coupon code. Not too in a rush to see them now. I am going to wait until mycreditkeeper tell me that I am in the 700's, then I am going to rush for my scores... Lol
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