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Written by: twz28 on 2008-04-23

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twz28's review: Callout Comment I applied online three weeks ago. THe message came back approved. I called yesterday to see what was taking so long. It was mailed on the 17th and the cl was $600. I was hoping for more. My TU is 680 and it does show some collections.

I do have the Merrick Visa for 750

WellsFargo Visa 6500
Mercedes Visa 5000
Washington Mutual 1500
Cap One Mastercard 500
Cap One Visa 500
Orchard 300
Applied Bank 350
HSBC/Gateway 2000
Macy's no limt
JC Penny 500
CIT Bank/FIngerhut 500

Turndowns were Liberty Bank and Trust,
Nationwide Bank

I was planning to get rid of Applied bank, as I don't like having to pay a fee to pay the bill online. This was not apparent until the card was activated.

I will stay with the hooters and dutifully pay my bill and see what cli they will grant.


Comment 1 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks Congrats On your approval..

I have one question you have here a Visa from Mercedes

What bank offers this Visa


Comment 2 by arod
Ok User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks I read your other review BOA

Thanks Anyway,

Comment 3 by rockin35
Send Allied Packin!! User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks Please get rid of Allied Bank. No company should be billing consumers a fee to pay online, that is the whole reason for referring consumers to the Online Processes to eliminate high call volume, and high costs associated with unncessary traffic on inbound callers to multiple call centers. I have worked for AT&T Call centers for almost 10 years and out of all of my credit cards in the last 15 years, none of them require a fee to pay online. I would transfer the balance to the MB Visa and close that account out regardless of length/history. Congratulations on your card. Rockin35!
Comment 4 by meya
Welcome User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks I agree with rockin35, but I have one question. How is your macy's no limit? Did you just apply and do not know it yet? Also how long have you had JcPenny's? If it is passed 4 months, give them a call for a limit increase. They are very good for giving it.
Comment 5 by twz28
Macy's User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks To answer Meya's question,

When I received the card, THe attached paper did not show a credit limit like it does on most. The terms and conditions do not state it any where and after registering online the account does not show a credit limit. This is not a Visa or MasterCard, but niether is my HSBC/Gateway but it shows a credit limit. I will ask A csr sooner or later.

I'm new to this board and am Happy to have found it and all of you.
Comment 6 by meya
Ohh User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks Wow, that is very interesting. I don't understand macy's with their hidden cl. I called them about that myself and they told me it is for my protection. My protection? I have the lcok showing big as day and you are a trusted site. Who do they think wants to call the automated talker and wait for I don't know how long to hear a balance? Not I! Thanks for the reply, we are glad to have you hear also. Have you read the posting on the network as of yet? If not, click The Finance Network over to your left and it will bring you there. There is great financial info over there.
Comment 7 by hjm331
Re: Twiz User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks If you call the number on the back of your Macy's card, your available credit should determine your credit line if you haven't used the card. Either that or ask a CSR. By the way, if you check your credit report, your CL should also be on your report. G/l
Comment 8 by lindalu
Rockin35.. I Agree User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks I agree Rockin35... I don't believe in charging to make a payment... That is just crazy... Especially the ones that charge you to pay on line... There are far too many that don't... And the ones that charge usually are the ones that charge you a monthly partiicipation fee and that out of this world yearly fee.

and by the way I work at an At&T call center too!!! my company was just acquired by them???

small world!!!
Comment 9 by twz28
Update User Icon on 2008-04-25

Remarks I finally found out that the Macy card started at a 400 dollar limit. Applied Bank is no longer one of my accunts. Screw that monthly maintenance fee and internet payment fee. I just received a prescreened card offer from Bank of America Hawaiin Airlines Visa. I have to let it pass since the inquires have built up.
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