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Written by: beanciapoo on 2008-04-21

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beanciapoo's review: Callout Comment I was recently approved for this card on April 1, 2008 and received my card on April 19th. My credit limit is $400.00 and my credit score is like 600 or less @ Transunion. Not sure if they checked that one. I have not used it yet. I also have a Shell card by Citi Bank and they only gave me $200.00 and the most I put on there was $25.00 I've had it since October last year.


Comment 1 by sethatco
SHELL And The AF User Icon on 2008-04-21

Remarks Be warned look at the fine print, if you do not use the shell card 9 times in a year you will see a 20 AF
Comment 2 by hjm331
Really? User Icon on 2008-04-21

Remarks I never knew there were rules like that. Wow, there's a new one lol
Comment 3 by meya
$20 For Non Useage? User Icon on 2008-04-22

Remarks Get out of here. Well gas cards are going to used pretty much often than ever now... Lol. Way to go on your approval, you received the card at the right time. When chevron was financing this card, they wanted 1/5th of what you charged. Now that GEMB is the financial backer, we are all good.

Make sure that you take advantage of the special that they have going on $0.20 cents off every gallon and $20 off for ummmmm I forgot... Lol. Read the advertisement at the pumps, I believe it should be in your state. Or call them and ask about it, they are very cool reps, and do give nice cli's. I started with $300 or $250, but I am at $1800 now. I hope they don't think I am going to use $1800 in gas. I would rather ride a bike first.
Comment 4 by yoyo11
Meya User Icon on 2008-04-22

Remarks Your funny $1800 worth of gas is a whole lot of gas!!
Comment 5 by meya
Re: YoYo User Icon on 2008-04-22

Remarks Its a whole lost of gas + plus a nice line on my cr, that is all I want it for. I used my debt card for gas, or if I have any money in my purse I will use that too. You tend to not go over board when you use your own money. But if I used my chevrn card, I will fill up the car and get some snacks to go with it... Lol.
Comment 6 by ness32
Good Info! User Icon on 2008-04-23

Remarks I will remember that GEMB has the chevron card now!

Thanks you guys!
Comment 7 by colonative
Gas Cards User Icon on 2008-08-14

Remarks I hope NONE of you are carrying a balance on any gas card. Gas cards are great credit builders and if they offer "freebies" then go for it, but ALWAYS pay these cards in full, paying interest on gas is not a good idea.
Comment 8 by meya
Coolnative User Icon on 2008-08-15

Remarks You are so true buddy, but paying interest on anything is not good. But I believe in give a little get more... Lol.
Comment 9 by colonative
Meya User Icon on 2008-08-16

Remarks Meya you are correct, paying interest should be minimal but for consumables (is that even a word?) like gas, groceries and fast food/restaraunts is insane. If you do pay interest it should be for something like an appliance, or clothes or a vacation etc. Something that will last longer then a few days I guess is what I mean.

P. S. Meya don't apply for that Chevron Visa, just call and see if they can upgrade your gas card to the Visa!
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