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Written by: ccs on 2008-04-18

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ccs's review: Callout Comment Excellent card for geeks/web-buyers, as the Secure Online Account Numbers is perfect: generate a new credit card # on-the-fly (or use their program to fill forms automatically) that can only be used by the first business that uses the card. I use this frequently for net purchased, and over-the-phone purchases for an extra layer of security (moved from Chase, where someone charged $240 from a small Mass. School without my knowledge).

Customer support is extremely helpful. I called to increase my limit (purchased an engagement ring for my fiance!), and they instantly raised the level, even putting in for more that showed the next day after a, "review." Very helpful with inquiries and very knowledgeable. Only issue with the support staff isn't with the staff, but with the number of times you have to use the keypad to speak with someone.

Mid-APR, highly advanced card. I love it.


Comment 1 by eric
Nice Card User Icon on 2008-04-18

Remarks I like the card features... But I'm a year away from this discover... My bofa cards have the create a card on the fly for net purchases feature as well.
Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: Eric User Icon on 2008-04-18

Remarks You can create virtual account numbers with BofA too?! How?
Comment 3 by crazy2k5
Re: User Icon on 2008-04-18

Remarks HJM all you have to do is sign into your account and click on special offers. Thats what I do. Thats how I found out they have virtual account numbers. I have not tried it yet.
Comment 4 by arod
I Have This Card -where Is The CL User Icon on 2008-04-19

Remarks Yes Discover is good but not on credit line...

I have them with a $1000 CL for 6 years plus... Good Luck

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