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Written by: frank/ls on 2007-02-03

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frank/ls's review: Doe's 30k line of credit sound right on 62k income?


Comment 1 by justin
Approved For $30,000.... on 2007-02-03

I was approved for $30,000 as well and my income is much less then the person below me. We'll see when (if) the card comes. Anyone else have this happen to them as well?
Comment 2 by lm
Great Card: Review By Anonymous on 2007-02-04

Anonymous ( the previous reviewer ) is a nut job! I have this card and I love it. Low APR and High limit--how is that a Scam ?--- $30K credit limit is not a scam.
Comment 3 by justin
Question For LM (below) on 2007-02-05

LM: Have you received your card with the $30,000 limit?
Comment 4 by joe
Just Accepted Offer on 2007-02-05

I too just received approval for a 30k limit. I have excellent credit and a decent FICO score... But even with that, the limit does seem a bit high. I just completed the application online yesterday, so I'll have to see when I actually get the card.
Comment 5 by justin
Called WaMu Regarding Offer... on 2007-02-05

The women said I was approved for $1,000 and the $30,000 was a mistake so to all of you who were approved for $30,000 she said it was a mistake on their web site.
Comment 6 by lm
Answer For Justin's Question on 2007-02-05

Yes Justin 30K, my begining limit was 20K then I got automatic increases. I had the card for 1 YR.
Comment 7 by darlene
RE: WAMU Visa Platinum on 2007-02-06

So I applied online and got approved right away with a $30K credit Limit. It seemed kind of odd that I was approved this limit when all other credit card companies limits me to only $500. I called the 800 number to double check the amount of the credit limit, but they couldn't give it to me... They did give a customer service number (but they had to put me on hold for it... Odd) which just gave me the run around SERVICE. Also, when you look at the washington mutual website, it shows MasterCard not VISA. And the logo on the pre-approved letters isn't identical to my other Visa's. FOR ALL PEOPLE THAT ALREADY HAS THE CARD, I WOULD SUGGEST GETTING THE CREDIT FRAUD PROTECTION. In the case they sold your information to someone else. You never know... Im doing my reseach on calling washington mutual directly... And if it is a scam, I WILL BE CONTACTING THE BETTER BUSNESS BUREAU AND REPORT THIS SITE AND COMPANY.
Comment 8 by darlene
RE: My Rearch on 2007-02-06

I finished my research and actually talked to a customer rep directly form washington mutual. They do provide credit cards for both MasterCards and Visa. She said that they have credit cards directly from washington mutal and also they service to other companies. (third party) It would be best to get protection on your credit card in the case someone tries to steal your information.
Comment 9 by b
30,000. After A Bankruptcy on 2007-02-21

I went through the telephone application this evening and dialogued vigorously. However, my gut feeling is that this is a scam. I researched afterwards and feel even more skeptical now. I'll call to cancel tomorrow and report this. Too many weak links and having just gone through a bankruptcy last autumn - it feels shady that I could qualify for 30 grand.
Comment 10 by jeanmarie
Mrs. on 2007-03-13

I received a notice and I'm trying to apply... Whats's up is this a crock, or what?
Comment 11 by lucie
Just Shredded Mine on 2007-05-13

Offer states "with credit limits UP TO $30,000.00 with lowest at $500.00 Average amt approved was $1,500.00 so there is a minimum and maximum. No promises. Better safe than sorry I shredded mine after reading these posts.
Comment 12 by louis
Wait & See on 2007-05-29

I have one of those wamu offers everyone is writing about as well. The offer is "up to 30k" "or at least $500" more than likely, most will not start out with $30k. I have a providian card, which is now wamu, and I was just increased to 13k. Your regular apr. Will not be less than 11.99 after intro period. I am looking at clear from amex. No fees of any kind. Good to all!!!
Comment 13 by brammy
Wow!!! Just Read Some Of This on 2007-08-30

I would call the cust serv number on the website. You could very well be getting fraudulent mail. Not sure that 30K is a limit WaMu would give. I didn't have this problem a year ago when I applied. Best of luck to all of you who gave your info.
Comment 14 by sweet224
What Is The Equity on 2009-02-17

Hi guys dear I have this card and I am happy with this,What is the equity gap and how not to fall into it? When you want to finance your business in order to make it more competitive or to allow you to launch a new service or idea, there are many options to keep in mind and to choose from. This can be overwhelming and frustrating. This is especially the case when unneccessary jargon is used and important points that could cost you large sums of money are neither explained nor understood. Although finance companies and brokers could be more open and easy to understand you only have yourself to blame if you sign or agree things you either dont understand fully or at all. It is your responsibility towards yourself, your company and your employees to understand the forces that will either stunt or help grow your business.


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