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Written by: galxygrl on 2008-04-16

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galxygrl's review: Callout Comment I got a pre-approved letter in the mail for this "special" card, so I applied online and was approved instantly to my surprise! :) My CL is 2,000 with 0% APR for six months. They offered me rush delivery for the card for 35 bucks, but I picked the regular delivery. I just have a question about the card if anyone has it of course. Is it really the I Love NY design on the card? I hope so as that is the reason why I sort of wanted it. Even though in the letter they said I should plan my next trip to NY using this card. I live in New York! Thnx, -galxygrl*


Comment 1 by hjm331
Nice CL User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks Nice CL, good card. HSBC is a good company to help you rebuild your credit even though it takes them a while to report your statement info.

This should be a good card as long as you don't need to deal with outsourced reps. They have never been helpful to me. Good luck, enjoy your new card.
Comment 2 by yoyo11
Wow User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks Glad you got your card!!!
Comment 3 by kasglan
I Love Ny Card User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks Yea the Design on the card is actually the I love Ny logo My Mother jus got approved for the card a little while ago and when it came in the mail it was a gray card with a I a red heart and Ny. Congratulatlons!!
Comment 4 by mark
Logo Is I Luv NY User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks I have the same card, same credit limit as well..

and yes the logo is like that

it's actually nice although I live in california ha ha ha!

i was actually hoping to change the card to a regular looking HSBC MC

however, unfortunately I cannot do that.


I never had any problems with HSBC.

contrary to other reviews in this forum... The company has always been good to me.

i also have their Bestbuy Store Card.
Comment 5 by galxygrl
Thnx To Everyone! User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks I can't wait to get this card! I had the Best Buy MC, but I got rid of it early on. Shortly after opening it up. There was nothing wrong with it, and I do shop at Best Buy a lot. However, at the time I felt like I had to many cards for me to handle and I didn't like that it had an annual fee. So I closed it. I tend to stay away with the ones that have annual fees as I feel it is kinda a rip off... Just my opinion. Well anyway, thanks again! -galxygrl*
Comment 6 by hjm331
Oh Ok User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks I have the Best Buy RZ Mastercard also! I didn't have to pay an AF when I signed up for it. I have a $1k CL so I use it a lot. It's a good card as long as you don't have to deal with their outsourced CS.
Comment 7 by mcnally
Good Bank User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks Never had any problem with HSBC.

i have 3 cards with them.

and up to now I always receive pre-approved HSBC cards like this.

I didn't apply anymore since 3 cards with them is enough for me.
Comment 8 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks This card is great... Hsbc has been good to me i have three cards from them and I have the I Love NY Card its great. Any way

Good luck to you.

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