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Written by: amanda on 2007-01-30

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amanda's review: Callout Comment Was approved right away... But my credit isn't bad, I was just looking for a supplemental card. I didn't realize there were $247 in fees right off the bat. So I read through the customer service agreement and found the following statement

“Account Closing, Fee Refund and Account Crediting. If you elect to close your Account and notify us in writing within thirty (30) days of receiving this Agreement and before you make any charges for Purchases or Cash Advances to your Account, the Program Participation Fee, Annual Fee, Account Processing Fee, Account Maintenance Fee and the Authorized User Fee, if applicable, will be refunded to you or credited to your Account, as the case may be. In addition, any Credit Limit Increase Fee is refundable in accordance with the section titled, “Credit Limit Increases” above. “

I said "Great, I can get out of this". I sent them a letter with return receipt. I know they received the letter and still I had not heard anything back from them regarding closing the account or refunding the fees. I ended up just calling customer service and they closed over the phone. I am now concerned that I will still be responsible for the fees so I faxed a letter to the principal of Continental Finance in Wilmington, DE. If it does turn out that they hold me responsible, I will file I BBB complaint promptly.

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