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Written by: baystate on 2008-04-14

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baystate's review: Callout Comment Applied on-line and received an application ID number and was informed to check back later for status. Checked back next morning and account was approved with the "standard" $200 credit-line.


Comment 1 by lyyssa01
Congratulations!! User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks They are so stingy with that CL. $200 cl sucks, but Target is a nice card. I regret canceling this one.
Comment 2 by beanciapoo
Congratulations User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks I have this card. It is very nice to have if you love shopping @ target. Although I have had this card for 5 or 6 months and no credit limit increase @all. I called for one, but when I pushed that option they said they donot do credit limit increases @ customer request. It said it was automatic.
Comment 3 by meya
Bad Luck Cl User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks I hatet to see the magic $200 cl, it seems like that is the limit they keep you at forever. Way to go on your apporval and I hope you enjoy the card. I divorced this family about one month or so ago. Hope you luck with cli's is better than mines.
Comment 4 by crazy2k5
Re: User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks Yes the $200 cl does suck. I mean if I buy a pack of soap it fills up my card. Lol. A couple of months ago I bought a psp from there and I put $100 on the target card and I paid the rest cash. When the bill came I paid it off in full. It makes no sense to leave a balance. No matter how much you put on the card you feel like you have maxed it out.
Comment 5 by crazy2k5
Congrats User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks I forgot to say congrats. You might have better luck than us:)
Comment 6 by mark
Got Stucked With The $500 Limit User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks I started with the $200 like everyone else.

after 3 months, got a CLI to $500.

i usually leave a balance of 200-300 in that card..

up to now, 8 months later I'm still stucked with the 500 limit.

and I don't know if there's any way to request for a CLI from them
Comment 7 by debtor00
Good Luck!! User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks I started at the magic 200 and got increased to 500 bucks 3 months later. That was a year ago. I'm STILL at 500. They won't give me another dollar. I would really love to get that Visa upgrade.
Comment 8 by yoyo11
Congrads.... User Icon on 2008-04-14

Remarks What was your score when approved?
Comment 9 by davis06
Who Did They Pull... User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks Congrat's Bay! Which CRA did they pull. We are thinking about applying.
Comment 10 by baystate
Hey Yoyo11 User Icon on 2008-04-16

Remarks They pulled TU, my lowest score if 626!
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