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Written by: barry on 2007-01-19

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barry's review: Callout Comment I got a pre-Approved letter from Chase. I went to the website and entered my information and they said a decision will come within 4 weeks. I was pre-approved and now a decision will come in 4 weeks??? Well I didn't get the card, which actually I'm happy I did not, the terms and conditions allow Chase to increase your APR for ANY reason including high usage on other cards. The reason for denial went something like "you have a collection, bankruptcy, late payment or other negative item on your credit report that does not allow us to extend credit to you at this time" no words just??? Below that it said please consider Chase first for future credit needs once this item is cleared. What item?? I"M NEVER DOING BUSINESS WITH CHASE. Btw I'm @ about a 700 transunion score.

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