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Written by: unixdon on 2008-04-09

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unixdon's review: Callout Comment Ok so I applied for this card on the fifth of April. After submitting my application it said something about getting back to me in 4 to 5 days. Now my question is do they let you know online instantly??? Do u have to wait 7 to 10 days for a response in the mail or online??? have not received anything from them. Can anybody give me specifics on the approval process???


Comment 1 by meya
Easy User Icon on 2008-04-09

Remarks You just answered it yourself... Lol. Yeah, that's the way they usually work with all of us here. Don't worry, just sit back and relax, we rarely hear about denials here, but I must tell you that I have heard of a strange one from RoBoCoP, you should read his post.
Comment 2 by hjm331
RE: User Icon on 2008-04-09

Remarks You should get a letter in the mail within 7-10 business days. Either that or you can try giving them a call. I have never heard of someone getting a response online.
Comment 3 by unixdon
Generic Online Approvals User Icon on 2008-04-09

Remarks Rockin35 stated she had received a generic online approval message. is that common?
Comment 4 by davis06
Don't Worry... User Icon on 2008-04-09

Remarks I got an instant approval online however, I've read the numerous other reviews and most have rec'd the 7-10 day message. I wouldn't worry about it - just call in a few days.

Good luck!
Comment 5 by arod
Approval Info. User Icon on 2008-04-09

Remarks Well for me it was simple I applied online they said please wait 7-10 day for a reply by mail.

In about 8 day I said oh well I guess they denied me on 9th day I got my card and when I opened it. To my Surprise they approved $1750.00

I was shocked but happy..

And I also received a email like on the 10th day saying congratulation on your Hooters MasterCard.

Well just wait they will inform you.

Take care,

Comment 6 by yoyo11
Hmmm...you're Get It ... User Icon on 2008-04-10

Remarks I didn't get a denial... Just being processed... Waited three days and called. still under processing call two days later and was approved... You can either wait for your approval and/or denial in the mail... Or call four to five days after applying... They will have an answer for you when you call.
Comment 7 by rockin35
Instant Response User Icon on 2008-04-10

Remarks I received an instant online response stating "Congratulations you've been Approved" etc etc. I don't think there is a way to go back onto the Hooters Mastercard website to check the status or anything. But you could probably call them now, I get the decision. It's sometimes a headache to sit and wait for mail to come through. Sheila (Rockin35)
Comment 8 by yoyo11
Still Nothing? User Icon on 2008-04-11

Remarks As impatient as I am,... I would speak with a supervison LOL!!
Comment 9 by unixdon
No Word Yet User Icon on 2008-04-11

Remarks Well its friday I checked the mail and nothing. I called the the contact number on this site and spoke to a rep whom gave me no info except that id be getting a response in the mail
Comment 10 by yoyo11
Wow User Icon on 2008-04-13

Remarks Must be that $8000... Good luck!!
Comment 11 by unixdon
This Is Ridiculous!!!! User Icon on 2008-04-13

Remarks Ive given up. Ive checked my credit reports and none have pulled a report. Very odd. If I do get the card it better have 20k's. Lol
Comment 12 by garydman
Hooters Has Card Trouble User Icon on 2008-04-15

Remarks I was approved on 4/02/08 and still haven't received the card. I called them and spoke with a lady that verified the approval but she said they were behind on getting the cards mailed. So don't worry, it's them not you. She said it should be mailed soon.
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