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Written by: rockin35 on 2008-04-09

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rockin35's review: I just applied online for this card about 5-6 days ago, right? So I called back on yesterday 04/07/08 to confirm that it was approved because I got the generic website response, "CONGRATULATIONS YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN APPROVED" ETC. So I spoke to the young lady, gave her my ssn# and dob. She confirms my address, name spelling and tells me the account was approved on 04/04/08 with a credit line of $8000. I asked if she was sure? She says yes etc. I don't think a hot wing & beer joint would give someone $8K to spend? I think she meant $800. Either way, I called again today (04/8/08) and was told twice that the credit line wasn't visible and I would get it in the mail with my kit. So, I'm already getting conflicting information, how ATE UP is that!!!. I'll keep you all posted on the outcome, once I receive the card. Sheila


Comment 1 by mark
Congratulations on 2008-04-09


maybe the 7900 remaining is meant for other services...

like buying your hooter's waitress an engagement ring!

let's hope it's 8000
Comment 2 by meya
Way To Go on 2008-04-09

Woe, $8k? I got my fingers crossed for you, but that is a huge amount and the first that I have heard comming from Hooter's. I believe one member here had one that close, but he already have cards with $75k etc. What is your highest cl on your credit cards? The reason why I am asking is becasue Hooter's is well known for trying to match your highest cl on your cr. Keep your fingers crossed also!...:p
Comment 3 by arod
Welcome - Benvenidos-Wikomen on 2008-04-09

Congrats and welcome to the Hooters Family..

Enjoy your new card and credit line.

Please keep us informed


Comment 4 by rockin35
Hoping 8K Is Correct!!! on 2008-04-09

Hey Meya,

To answer your question, my highest credit line card is with Bank of America $17,100. But I've had this card since 2000 and they just keep zooming up the CLI's every quarter. My second highest CL card is "Everyday Rewards Card Visa" through National City Bank which is $14,500, and I've only had this card for about a year or less, which began $12500 initially. I don't know, I cant wait to get this Hooters Card though to see what credit line they given me. I will let everyone know what happens. Also I didn't know that Hooters Mastercard (Merrick Bank) will match/come close to other creditor lines. Thanks for the information Meya. You should run for president!!! Sheila
Comment 5 by meya
President on 2008-04-09

I got too many strikes for that, besides, I can't keep a secret so the White House would explode if I was there. Poor Monica, she would have been personally whipped down by Hillary before the public knew cause I would have blew her cell phone up saying "Hill..., Hill get your behind in here now, bring your sleep with you because I... Guuuuurl you are not going to believe this... I just found a way for you to get HALF of everything twice... AFTER SHE WIRED "MY MONEY" TO MY ACCOUNT... LOL.

Oh my, let me stop, this is a comment to the card thread. Sorry FG, Rockin35 started it...:p
Comment 6 by rockin35
LOL on 2008-04-09

Meya, reading your response was my "HIGHLIGHT" for the day... Definetly got me cracking up laughing!!!. But seriously, I'll will keep you all posted on this Hooters Mastercard ordeal... Sheila
Comment 7 by eugene66
Congrats on 2008-04-09

That is wonderful news to hear and keep up the good work.
Comment 8 by lyyssa01
Meya on 2008-04-09

OMG, that was hilarious. Blowing up her cell phone with calls, lmao, I can only imagine.

But yeah, nice cl if that's what it is (which, judging from your other cl no reason to think otherwise)

Do you have an af? I feel like I'm missing out not being a member of the Hooters fam. Honestly, though I've never even been to a Hooters. :p
Comment 9 by meya
Re: Lyyssa01 on 2008-04-09

Honestly, I don't think hardly any one here has been to Hooter's until we got the card. Since it was given out for poor credit and have the Mastercard on it, we just said the heck with it and applied. I went a few times, but where I live, the parking is hillarious down there so I just use it for something else like junk food and groceries. Rockin35 is rocking with her credit, I have to give o'gurl credit where it is due. U-go-Girl!
Comment 10 by eugene66
Visits on 2008-04-10

I received the card in November with a 1k cl but the thing is I did not know there was one about 3 block around the corner from me and once I found it, my my my lets just say I am on my way to the achieving enough point to qualify for the cash awards. I need to cool my card off now. Lol
Comment 11 by yoyo11
$8000.......WOW on 2008-04-10

You should get this card in the mail in a few days... Lets us know the outcome ASAP!!
Comment 12 by debtor00
I Bet U Got It on 2008-04-10

Don't be surprised, Hooters is generous. My fiance got 6500 from them and his credit is far from perfect. I'll bet you got 8000 bucks!!! Congrats!!!
Comment 13 by rockin35
Never Been To Hooters Either!!! on 2008-04-10

Yeah, folks. I've never been to Hooters before, we have 3 or 4 here in Memphis TN and I've heard nothing but good things about their food. To YoYo11 and Debtor00, I will be the first to post on this board as soon as I get this "whoppin" card. Meya, your comments are so funny... As always!!
Comment 14 by rockin35
Approved...So Where's The Card!!?? on 2008-04-16

Okay so it's been like, 2 weeks and I still haven't received this card. Anyone have any idea generally how long it takes? I'm anxious to see what annual fee these folks gave me... Rockin35!
Comment 15 by galxygrl
Hmm on 2008-04-16

This Hooters card seems to be really popular around here... Wonder why? Anyway I'm sure you should get your card soon, but if it doesn't come by next week you should give CS a call. Sorry if I wasn't much help. -galxygrl*
Comment 16 by hjm331
I Believe... on 2008-04-16

I believe it takes 3-4 weeks.
Comment 17 by meya
Call Them on 2008-04-16

If it is not in your mailbox by this week, call them and explain your situation. This is what happend to me with my LaneBryant Card, then they had to send me out a new one and put closed on my report "Card Lost/Stolen"! Hope this helped.
Comment 18 by rockin35
Thanks on 2008-04-16

I will just wait, thanks everyone. Rockin35
Comment 19 by eugene66
Card Maker on 2008-04-16

I found info that company that makes the cards were having problems and people who were approved recently are experiencing long delays in receiving their cards because of it.
Comment 20 by lindalu
Are They Still Being Delayed? on 2008-04-16

I was approved 4/13... Did they say if they problem was fixed and if they are sending them out now... I am getting anxious!
Comment 21 by eugene66
Skating on 2008-04-16

You should be receiving your card soon but the csr's are skating on the issue when you call. I received mine back in November in about 10 days so 10 to 14 days can be the norm sometimes.
Comment 22 by yoyo11
Wow on 2008-04-16

It didn't take long for me to get my card... A total of about 12days. Orchard bank card came 25days... I think it got in someone else's mail box because I found it sticking out of mine!! Do you have a regular post man?
Comment 23 by rickella
Three Weeks For Me. on 2008-04-16

I was approved three weeks ago and the CSR told me it normally took 30 days to receive. So, I continue to wait. My CL is $500. Will probably use as a grocery and gas card. Hope your wait (and mine) ends soon. Hang in there.
Comment 24 by arod
Call Them Up on 2008-04-16

I received mine in about 9 days. here call this number

Hooters Master card


or call -- 516-224-1762
Comment 25 by davis06
Still Waiting Myself on 2008-04-17

I applied on 4/7 and I'm still waiting - impatiently I might add. :)
Comment 26 by lindalu
I Just Called Them on 2008-04-19

I applied 4/13... I just called... They said I was approve on 4/15 for $500... And should receive card in 7 to 10 business days... Was hoping for more but!!! oh well it is better than being denied!!
Comment 27 by unixdon
No Card???? on 2008-04-19

Has anyone received anything yet????? this is very odd. I don't ever remember waiting this long for a card.
Comment 28 by rickella
Nope. Still Waiting Too. on 2008-04-19

I figure when it finally comes in the mail, it will be a SURPRISE! If it doesn't arrive in the mail in the next two weeks, I will call the unbelievably bright customer service reps at Merrick Bank to find out (again) what the heck is going on. Hope your wait ends soon.
Comment 29 by rockin35
Surprised.....$8000 CL on 2008-04-22

Okay so Hooters just mailed these cards out on 04/17 or last Thursday and I finally got mine today. They must have put a "rush" on them or something, normally it takes 4 business days from time they are sent. Anyways, they approved me for $8000 with 14.20%apr No Annual Fee!! I'm glad about that!!! The default APR is 27.0%. I 've already set my account up online!!!

Comment 30 by meya
Heeeey Rockin35 on 2008-04-22

You go Girl! Miss $8k, the second I have heard on this site since it has been here. Get down with your bad self!... Lol
Comment 31 by yoyo11
Wow on 2008-04-22

What are you gonna buy me LOL!!! Congrads... I like my hooter card... As soon as I got mine... They reported to trans/eq/ex in a few days and boost my score by 10 points!!!
Comment 32 by arod
Congrats on 2008-04-22

You will love hooters Great Card..

Take Care,

Comment 33 by rockin35
A 10pt Boost!!!! on 2008-04-22

10 points!!? Thats amazing YoYo!! Really, I guess I'm headed to Hooters now to get some buffalo wings for me and Meya!!!... Hehehehe.

Okay Meya, your turn, go ahead and get the card lady!!! Rockin35!!!
Comment 34 by arod
MEYA on 2008-04-22

Go ahead you want this card... And then you can gives your points and magazine... Just kidding...

Comment 35 by eugene66
Congrats! on 2008-04-22

Congratulations on getting your card. I have had the card for 6 months and have accumulated a lot of points. Plus I especially love the mags... Lol
Comment 36 by arod
EUGENE66 on 2008-04-22

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