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Written by: davis06 on 2008-04-07

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davis06's review: Callout Comment I applied today and got the following message: Congratulations! You have been approved for a Hooters MasterCard Card, subject to verification of the information provided in your application...yada yada. I am assuming that is it? Will update once I find out the limit, APR, and annual fee.


Comment 1 by pamela2
Hi User Icon on 2008-04-07

Remarks Welcome to the Hooters family Davis06!!!
Comment 2 by hjm331
Congrats! User Icon on 2008-04-07

Remarks I would give them a call just to make sure everything is going smoothly.
Comment 3 by eugene66
Hootermania User Icon on 2008-04-07

Remarks Congratulation on your approval. I received the same message and got the card a week later.
Comment 4 by yoyo11
Congrads... User Icon on 2008-04-07

Remarks They sent my card faster than any credit card company I have!!
Comment 5 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-04-08

Remarks Welcome to the Hooters family!, please let us know how much your limit and apr is when it arrives.
Comment 6 by mark
I Don't Understand! User Icon on 2008-04-08

Remarks I still don't understand why people think that HOOTER's MC is easier to get than capital one?
Comment 7 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-04-08

Remarks I love this card !!! I have a few months with them,

Good Luck,

Comment 8 by arod
Also User Icon on 2008-04-08

Remarks If you want to know my credit line is $1750.00

again to me this card is great..
Comment 9 by mark
Nice CL User Icon on 2008-04-08

Remarks @ AROD

wow that's a nice credit limit!

what was your starting? Or was it your starting limit?

the thing is..

i hve applied to Citi and walmart card already... Declined in both.

so I guess i'll hold off the application process for now.

but i'll definitely consider this Hooter's MC
Comment 10 by arod
No Mark Wait A While User Icon on 2008-04-08

Remarks If you applied to other banks and you been declined then wait for six to eight month and check your credit report then apply.
Comment 11 by arod
My Credit Line User Icon on 2008-04-08

Remarks They gave me up front the $ 1750.00 credit line. I have like 5 month with them.
Comment 12 by yoyo11
Mark... User Icon on 2008-04-10

Remarks I still can't get A CapOne... But got that HOOOOOTERS!!
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