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Written by: bramford on 2008-04-04

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bramford's review: Callout Comment Approved Immediately. $500 credit line.


Comment 1 by meya
Oh Lord User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks Here you go again. Way to go on your approval. What was the apr?
Comment 2 by eric
Wow User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks Congrats Bramford, but you have been issued a lot of credit in a short period of time... Id be careful because like everything all good things come to an end sooner then later... And you start getting denials because you have too many new accounts open and too many inquiries... It happened to me. Join Meya credit addicts group... You have been hitting the luv button too much. Lol
Comment 3 by eric
PS User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks I guess Ive been too bull headed about things lately... I refuse to apply for anymore store cards. Its either Tier 1 Visa/Mastercards, Discover or AMEX... The only stores I shop frequently is Target, Macys, and Walmart... Other than that I would jus be burning my credit. Nothing against Bramford and like I said Congrats on the new card... But I'm just ranting... Someone stop me lol
Comment 4 by bramford
Frequent Shopper! User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks The only reason I got this card was because I frequently shop at Nordstrom. They carry certain Brand names that JC Penney and Macys do not carry that are my favorite, such as Lacoste.
Comment 5 by bramford
Apr. User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks Hi Meya, The Apr is 20.34.
Comment 6 by markrivers
Too Many Inquiries! User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks I think you should stop applying now,

you definitely have too many hard, as in HARD inquiries in less than 2 months time.

are you planning to buy a car in the next 6-12 months? Or any big purchase? Because these inquiries on your file will stay there for at least a yr..

so when it really counts. Like the ones I've mentioned above, you really want to get the lowest APR possible right!

anyway, congratz on your new card.

i wear lacoste as well, I believe in the brand.

our macy's here in CT have that!

i guess they're started incorporating the brand in addition to ralph lauren, nautica, etc.
Comment 7 by debtor00
Credit Unions User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks I bet I have more inquiries than the entire world (well into double digits) but still have approval on hold 4 90 days at credit union 4 auto loan if I find a car I like. Credit unions don't care about inquiries as much as banks & their rates are always lower. Some places really don't care about inquiries. Some do /some don't. I
Comment 8 by debtor00
Also User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks Creditors r weird in their denial letters. I got denial 4 AMEX in 4 2 many inquiries now I have 10 times the inquiries & a slew of new accounts. & they approved me no 4 2 accounts. Only difference is a big cli at cap 1. Its a crap shoot. Only consistent thing is util and recent pay history. Everything else is unpredictable.
Comment 9 by debtor00
Sorry Cant Type User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks On stupid blackberry keyboard so can't see what I write well. I meant 2 say I was denie AMEX in Januar but approved Aftr a zill more inquiries
Comment 10 by meya
Stop User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks It is time to close or freeze your credit report, you haev more approvals than a person with excuses for not wanting to go to jail... Lol. Your teir one cards will shoot you some bad news if you keep on with the inq, stop while you are ahead.
Comment 11 by hjm331
I Agree User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks Yeah man, you have to stop with the inquiries. It's really serious and hope you take it into consideration before something happens that you might regret such as a negative record on your report.
Comment 12 by lyyssa01
Cool User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks Congratulations again, Bram. But a little information on the APR and such would be nice. :)
Comment 13 by ash
Ok Hun User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks I was feeling bad about my minor app slip up at the end of 2007, then I just saw where this one dude opened up 26 new accounts. Like wooooooo...!

So I don't know how many you have recently opened but it cant be nearly as bad as this right?
Comment 14 by debtor00
My Fico User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks I read in the credit education section on myFICO.com that inquiries really only count about 5% of your score. If a credit card company denies you due to inquiries it's usually based on their own company standards towards inquiries, not because the inquiries substantially lowered your credit score. I can attest to that personally because in November when I refinanced my ARM, all three of my scores hovered around 575... That, lots of provable savings, and some fancy footwork barely got me the loan refi that I needed. After that I went on a super duper app spree yet my credit score ranges from 640 to 674 ( I just checke it today at myFICO.com) That's 100 points despite my dozens of inquiries and new accounts.
Comment 15 by bramford
Inquires User Icon on 2008-04-07

Remarks Hi everyone. Look at it this way, do you want to have a lot of inquiries spread out over a long period of time, or have a bunch of inquires all at once that will drop off your credit report all at once after 2 years? I think the second choice is better. Your credit score will also go up faster if you are approved for several cards because you will also build up your credit history faster. This is my opinion but as they say "to each his own".
Comment 16 by bramford
Credit To Debt Ratio User Icon on 2008-04-07

Remarks Hello again. In addition, to the statements I made in my previous comments about inquires if you are approved for several cards, your credit to debt ratio will go down, therefore your score will go up.
Comment 17 by emiranda
Keep Applying Man! User Icon on 2008-04-07

Remarks N fact, there are 550 possible points you can score between 300 and 850. Ten percent of that means 55 points! When you consider the other 55 points that can be deducted for having zillions of credit cards and no other type of accounts, you can loose as much as 110 points in your report for applying like a maniac. That gives an outstanding maximum potential FICO of 740 points for all the folks with an unblemished 15 years of perfect cc payment history and a monstrous debt2ratio gap!

So, for the purpose of applying for new credit, it doesn't really matter if you have 2 or 200 inquiries, if whatever algorithm is approving you doesn't look at number of inquiries, credit diversification, or number of accounts opened in your report. The problem now relies on what algorithm each bank is using to give you credit (man, I would love to know that, bank by bank)!

So keep it rolling bro, and let us know when and what banks are going to deny you for excess of inquiries, excess of available credit, or excess of credit cards. In fact, this page should create a credit card denial list that can be sorted by type of denials. That would help everyone when applying for a credit card again.

I would love to do what you're doing, but I will be shopping for a REFI soon, and a new car by November, and I will need as many points as I can in my report if I want to get a decent deal.
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