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Written by: robocop on 2008-04-02

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robocop's review: I read the info here and applied based on some success rate seen by others with sub-700+ scores.  I applied online and was instantly approved with a $8,000 limit, 12.99 APR, 0% on balance transfers which I will do off lower cards.

Thanks to the info here I let it rip.  I was in a bit of a payoff mode to get my util down when I got my bonus this year and increased my FICO score 40 points in the past month to 696 (big paying off mode) :)


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go Buddie on 2008-04-02

I am so happy to hear of your approval NEIGHBOR! Any way we can meet up for a discover treat on you? Well the card does state that you will discover more so you have nothing to loose on the treat... Lol... Jk. Congrats and keep us posted on your overall experience with the card.

For a minute, I thought that I had to come out there to the mall to pay jcpenny's and mervyn's because their website was down (key authentic images), they are back up now.
Comment 2 by arod
LOL on 2008-04-02

Comment 3 by arod
Congrats on 2008-04-02

Congrats on the new credit card and with all the benefit it has you will love Discover I have this card but I don't use it. Because two of the restaurant that me and my wife like don't take Discover Card but overall you will love this card.

Good luck to you,

Comment 4 by robocop
Transunion Pulled If Helpful on 2008-04-03

They pulled Transunion if that is of note for anyone
Comment 5 by bramford
8 Is Straight! on 2008-04-06

Way to go RoboCop. My card just arrived but I only have 3100 CLI. Maybe I should call and ask for a CLI. $8000, WOW!!! Anyway, Congratulations.
Comment 6 by llay1
GOD BLESS YOU ROBO!!!! on 2008-04-10

If you didn't mention that they pulled TU, I would've been to scared to apply. Exp is 657 with 2 collections, while EQ & TU are in the 700's. APPROVED $4000!!!
Comment 7 by meya
You Are Lcuky on 2008-04-10

They normally pull from ex in our side of the area robocop!
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