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Written by: dj on 2007-01-05

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dj's review: Callout Comment My feelings about Tribute is mixed. I received an offer in the mail and went online to accept. My result was that I'd been approved, and was even asked if I wanted to pay extra to have the card shipped priority. Several weeks has passed with no card so I started to wonder if the card got lost in the mail. There was no website listed on my invitation so I did a search and found this website and got phone numbers. I called the first number (888-235-0039) and was informed that I had been approved for the card. I asked when the card was mailed and was told I needed to call customer service (888-618-9920). Customer service automated system keeps asking for your 16 digit account number or your ssn but since I didn't have an account number yet and my social didn't work because I don't have a card to activate an account, some frustration set in. Then I typed in my invitation number (16 digits) and was able to by-pass the automated and finally get to a real person. That's when I was informed that I my application was still under review and I would receive a reply in about 25 days. I told the representative that when I applied online, I had received an approval notice and that when I spoke with the other representative I was told that I had already been approved for the card. That's not the case. My approval was for the submission of my application not the card. That's somewhat confusing. This is probably why others are still waiting for their card in the mail after about a month since they were also "approved", and like me thought that meant for the card not the application.

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