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Written by: eldarwen on 2008-03-31

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eldarwen's review: Callout Comment I just applied for this card today and was approved. I was not expecting an approval. I was not expecting an approval because I have applied and got approved for 3 other credit cards in the past 8 months. The application online was short and the approval time was quick. Granted the interest rate is 22% and my limit is only $500. I hope I can review this card more when I get it and start using it. I am beginning to think that I need some massive help to stop from applying for credit cards.


Comment 1 by meya
Way To Go User Icon on 2008-04-01

Remarks Congrats on your approval, keep us posted with your overall use of the card.
Comment 2 by swikky
Your Score? User Icon on 2008-04-08

Remarks What was your score when you got approved?
Comment 3 by lyyssa01
WTG!! User Icon on 2008-04-09

Remarks Congratulations!! And just remember, while it's a great rush to get those approvals, too many inquiries can have adverse effects to your credit report. I'm a sucker for applications as well, but when I started getting declines for "too many recent inquiries" and "too many recently opened accounts" I started to get discouraged. The real kicker is on my myFICO credit report where it says one of the bad things for me right now is that I'm "seeking credit". That wording makes it sound so desperate... It was enough to send me jumping on the wagon. :p
Comment 4 by eldarwen
My Score User Icon on 2008-04-09

Remarks My FICO score is 736. I am done with applying for more cards. I am just going to pay off my credit cards and not use them for a while. I think I will just be using this one for a while. I think I will rotate my cards for a while.
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