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Written by: stiletto on 2008-03-31

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stiletto's review: Callout Comment Applied for this card on March 15th and received an instant online approval. Just received the card today and card was upgraded to a 2% Cash Back Reward Card. The limit is only $750 but that is fine because of the cash back incentive. The card also has Paypass. I also have the Orchard Bank Mastercard and did not have any problems with getting approved for this card. I know in the pass, people have stated that you are only allowed one card with HSBC. I just went out on their web-site, applied and was approved.


Comment 1 by sethatco
2 Cards User Icon on 2008-03-31

Remarks No you are incorrect, HSBC/Household/orchard/DirectMerchants only allow 2 Mastercards,Visas or Discover cards. You can have as many store or affinity branded cards. Example is HP Consumer Credit, Best Buy Store card and so on. They have closed the rains on there credit lending and will be very stingy with credit line increases for the next 12 months.
Comment 2 by eugene66
It's Ok User Icon on 2008-03-31

Remarks I have had this card for a year and a half(pre-approved offer)with still a 750 cl and no annual fee. It's not a rewards card and trying to get a credit limit increase with them is like going through a root canal. But with no annual fee I will keep it open and just buy a pack of bubblegum and soda once a month.
Comment 3 by stiletto
2 Cards/Reward Card User Icon on 2008-03-31

Remarks I was going by what I had read in the forum. Some have stated they were only allowed one card with HSBC. Also it is a reward card. The notice about the 2% cash back came with the card. I called and verifed this information also. Maybe it is offered to new cardholders only. I have an Orchard and I do know that they are very stingy with their cli's. But that is fine because I will only put a little on it and pif every month.
Comment 4 by arod
Congrats User Icon on 2008-04-01

Remarks Congrats on your new card.

pay on time and more than the minimum never late..

Wait like 5 months and call the number in the back of your card for a credit line increase

I have this card with :no annual fee,CRL $1000 and Apr 9.99 and it cool I will stay with it for my FICO score..

Good luck.

Comment 5 by meya
Cards Allowed User Icon on 2008-04-01

Remarks First of all, way to go on your approval!

What people don't seem to realize is that, the reason why they are being told "Denied, you have the max amount of cards with HSBC" is because they have not checked their credit report to see how all 3 cb's are posting their cc# for HSBC.

When each cb report a card, some take it upon themselves to mask account #'s and to scramble them. That makes HSBC system believes that there are more than one account by them on your cr. People need to dispute their account numbers when they see that they are different between each cb and I believe that they will get more than one card from HSBC. I just did the dispute myself because mines were reported different from the cb.
Comment 6 by yoyo11
Anyone Knows? User Icon on 2008-04-04

Remarks I have two with orchard... Can I get one with HSBC only? I know orchard comes from HSBC... But I was pre approved...

please let me know
Comment 7 by stiletto
Cards Allowed? User Icon on 2008-04-05

Remarks I was pre-approve for this card through their system. After the pre-approval, I continued with the application process. Did not have any problems. I did contact HSBC and ask how many cards are you allowed. Customer Service stated that it depends on each person account history. She stated that I could only have 2 credit accounts. Honestly, I don't think customer service even know how many cards a person can have. I think they just say what ever comes to their minds. I have read on other forums about people who have 3 and 4 credit cards with HSBC. If you have any questions, you could call the HSBC Lending number. It is 1-800-395-2120. But if you receive a pre-approval, I say go for it.
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